Kylie denies surgery (again)

20:44, Oct 29 2012
Kylie Minogue
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY: Kylie Minogue, photographed at the Q Awards in London last week.

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has denied her youthful looks are the result of surgical help - again.

The 44-year-old singer, who is celebrating 25 years in music, has been the subject of much speculation for her perenially youthful looks.

"I don't think that just because you are older, you have to lose that magical quality," she told British newspaper The Sunday Times before addressing the much-asked surgery question. "I'm so tired of being asked that. I've been asked it since I was 19, and, to be honest, I'm out of things to say about it. No [I haven't had any work done]."

Kylie Minogue
GIRL NEXT DOOR: Kylie Minogue, photographed in 1989.

Minogue, who has recently performed for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, also revealed how she likes to relax when she isn't on tour.

 "Pottering is one of my favourite things. When I'm back, I don't want to do anything. I just want to be home. Andrés [Velencoso, her Spanish model boyfriend] will always say, 'Do you want to come to play golf?' And I'll say, 'You know what? Maybe not this time.'"


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