My beauty bag: Anne-Mieke Ytsma

16:00, Oct 31 2012
Anne-Mieke Ytsma
Jeweller Anne-Mieke Ytsma.
Anne-Mieke Ytsma 2
A selection of Anne-Mieke Ytsma's favourite beauty products.
Anne-Mieke Ytsma 3
One of Anne-Mieke Ytsma's rings, surrounded by some of her beauty essentials.
Anne-Mieke Ytsma
More of Anne-Mieke Ytsma's makeup favourites.

Anne-Mieke Ytsma is the founder of jewellery label Underground Sundae. She produces the range by hand out of her studio in Dunedin. Her new summer collection titled Fall in Love Not in Line is in stores now. 

"Making jewellery is really hard on my hands and nails. They worst thing for them is the jewellery polishing - I use solvents and cleaners and my hands get dry and cracked. I try to use Trilogy Everything Balm on them most nights to moisturise and soothe them. I want to wear all my rings and have nice hands but they're all crafty. 

I do wear nail polish even though it doesn't last long on me. My favourite at the moment is hot pink from the new O.P.I Neons collection - right now I'm wearing  half white half pink on my nails.

My beauty routine is really simple. I cleanse my face each morning with whatever is best at the supermarket - right now it's Clean & Clear I think - and then I follow it with Natio Rosewater Toner.

I got onto Trilogy Rosehip Oil about two years ago; it's amazing. I have really sensitive skin that gets very dry, and this is gentle and soaks in easily. I usually only put it on at night though because makeup doesn't sit so well on top of it.

I don't like heavy makeup, so most days I'll just wear M.A.C Studiofix powder on my face. If I need more coverage then I'll put a bit of M.A.C Studiosculpt Foundation on first.


I always wear mascara and eyeliner, and if I feel like dressing up a bit then I'll add some lipstick. I love lipstick - it's definitely my favourite thing.

I always take my makeup off at night - I never used to, but I started getting blemishes. I use this Lancome Bi-Facial eye makeup remover, it's amazing and you don't need to use much. You wet a cotton bud with it and all your makeup wipes right off.

I've had the same hairdresser for like seven years. She has a tiny salon behind this Japanese restaurant in Dunedin, she's really great.

I've been white blonde about three years now, before that was a reddy colour. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I really wanted a change so I went short and blonde. My mum hates my hair - she had a really bad experience with bleach when she was younger where she used actual bleach on her hair and some of it fell out - so she cried when I first went blonde.

I only get my hair touched up every six months or so because my regrowth isn't very dark. In terms of styling I usually just wash it and let it air dry, but I do use Moroccan Oil to keep it soft and moisturised.

I go through phases with my jewellery. Sometimes I won't wear any jewellery at all except a plain necklace. At the moment I'm making a lot of rings so I'm trying them out and wearing them all piled on together. Right now I'm mixing silver, gold and bronze - I don't agree with that old matching metals rule at all; I'm not very conventional when it comes to jewellery."