In my beauty bag: Tiffany Jeans

21:58, Nov 07 2012
Tiffany Jeans 1
"My Tom Ford lipstick, YSL eyeliner, Dermalogica serum and firming cream, and one of my Chypre Gardenia candles."
Tiffany Jeans 2
"Aesop shampoo and conditioner, my perfume and a M.A.C lip tint - I usually wear it when I have eye liner on. The makeup bag is from Zambesi, I've had it for years, it used to be metallic gold but it has all worn off."
Tiffany 3
Tiffany Jeans' mood board.
Tiffany Jeans
Tiffany Jeans, creative director of Curio Noir.

Tiffany Jeans, founder of Curio Noir, makes handmade candles. Alexa Chung is a big fan of her products and she regularly ships her pieces all over the world. She shares some of her beauty secrets.

"I feel like my hair is my nicest feature. It's actually really big and wavy - it only looks like this because I blow dry it straight. I do it about once a week, and it lasts until my next wash. I've been doing it that way for years and it's great, but it does take time because my hair is so thick, and I do have to get up earlier on the days I'm blow-drying it," she says.

"I shampoo and condition with Aesop. I only shampoo like once a week because I have so much hair and it's relatively dry so I don't need to do it that often. I came across Aesop years ago when I was in Sydney; and I've been pretty loyal to them ever since. I just love their whole aesthetic and their branding is quite beautiful. You can get it from WORLD Beauty Store.

"In the shower I cleanse, and then exfoiate with Dermalogica Microfoliant. It's a beautiful powder that you mix with a bit of water in your hand, and it's fine enough to use every day. It makes me feel really clean and refreshed. Because my hair gets quite dry I usually use some sort of serum in it. It sounds funny but sometimes I've just run a bit of body moisturiser through the ends - which is so not what people do! - but it does the same sort of trick to give it weight and smooth it, I guess it's like a smoothing cream.

"Out of the shower I use Dermalogica hydrating skin booster serum. Now that I'm in my 30s I feel like I need more moisture; I love that product, it just makes your skin feel amazing. I use a moisturiser with SPF every morning. It's something I've done as long as I can remember and my kids wear an SPF every day too whether it's sunny or not. Good habits are good to start young and sun protection is so important. It's part of their regular routine now after brushing their teeth.

"I use an eye cream with SPF as well. I don't wear concealer, but I do find that Total Eye Care by Dermalogica is quite amazing. It's like a luminescent, so when you put it under your eyes and you're feeling a bit tired, the light reflects off it and doesn't make you look so dark! It also leaves a really lovely dew; it's one of my favourites, it's really a life saver.


"I never wear foundation, the reason is that I feel like it brings out wrinkles more! If I have a blemish I just leave it. In terms of makeup I always wear lipstick and mascara. I love lipstick, it makes me feel more feminine. My favourites are M.A.C Girl About Town, Vegas Volt, and a red one by Tom Ford. I sometimes mix the colours together - I just do one layer of one and then the other - and you get a whole new colour.

"I like quite chunky mascara. I use Smashbox DNA Mascara, it's nice and thick and I often do a few layers. The only other makeup I wear is liquid eyeliner. If I'm doing eyeliner I won't do my lips - it's either one or the other. I use Yves Saint Laurent, it's quite hard to apply, it takes some patience, but it draws a nice fine line and lasts all day. It's amazing.

"The Orchid Drinkers by D.S & Durga is my favourite perfume. You can't get it here so last time I was in New York I bought up large, heaps and heaps of bottles of it! They are made in very small batches from the owner's home in Brooklyn in New York. The way they make their perfume is really similar to the way we make our Curio Noir products - very special, and mixed in very small batches. I get all the perfumes for our candles made in Grasse in France. It takes months to create a smell, it's heaps of samples being sent back and forth. My new candle Feather my Tears took all year to create the smell. It's a lot lighter than the other scents I have made in the past, with orchid and lily of the valley in it, but it still has the darker balance of the cedar and the moss."