Summer's new scents for men

16:00, Nov 14 2012
mens scents 1
Usher VIP, $132; Rocawear Evolution, $132; Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate, $140.
mens scents 2
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Blue, $99; Comme des Garçons Play Black, $189.
men's scents 3
Thirdman Eau Profonde, $231; Calvin Klein Encounter, $81; Tommy Hilfiger Freedom, $70.

Despite the very persuasive advertisements, no scent will turn the man in your life into the Old Spice guy. But one of these new men's fragrances could make him smell better.

Usher VIP, $132.

What they say: "Usher VIP is a confident, charismatic, masculine scent. Experience the immediate sensuality of a signature woody fragrance." 

Key notes: Nutmeg, suede, wood, saffron, bergamot, tangerine, and kumquat.

The woman's opinion: This is surprisingly less 'Mr lova lova' than we would have thought, but it still feels very 'VIP room'. Deep 'classic man' notes means this would suit those who like to drink whisky in darkened booths in private clubs.  

Rocawear Evolution, $132.


What they say: "Rocawear Evolution is a rich woody oriental scent of assured masculinity that leaves the skin exuding an aura of sensual warmth and confidence."

Key notes: Woody and oriental, mandarin, mango and rhubarb doused in rum, coffee and nutmeg, amber and warm tonka bean.

The woman's opinion: For the safe sort of bloke who'd like to explore his inner high roller. This is an elegant, sexy, but classic scent that will turn on the missus without offending the boss.

Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate, $140.

What they say: "An intense, sophisticated and seductive fusion for the ultimate man."

Key notes: Star anise, cedar and cypress woods, leather, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, grapefruit and mandarin. 

The woman's opinion: More intense than the previous Armani Code, this scent is very manly. This seriously long-lasting fragrance is best as a night scent (read hot steamy date or night on the town). Needs a man who can handle the weight of it - not recommended for sissies.  

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Blue, $99.

What they say: "Fresh, sporty and youthful, Polo Blue Sport is a fragrance that harnesses the power of water and the exhilaration of victory."

Key notes: Top notes of frosted mint, apple, mandarin and leaves, mid notes of water fern, ginger and sage, and base notes of amber wood, musk, sandalwood, oak moss and patchouli.

The woman's opinion: Classically sporty, mild and fresh. This is a safe scent if you're buying a fragrance for your son or grandson. Just don't expect to excite his girlfriend.  

Comme des Garçons Play Black, $189 from Mecca Cosmetica.

What they say: "Design by not designing, no design is design, the prototype is strong simple classic forever..."

Key notes: Black pepper, pepperwood, pink pepper, violet, thyme, black tea, incense, birch tree, moss.

The woman's opinion: This perfume is for lovers of unusual and interesting smells. Best described as a 'complex' scent, it's perfect for those who wear a lot of black and shop at Zambesi. 

Thirdman Eau Profonde, $231 from Mecca Cosmetica.

What they say: "The contemporary clean amber, the scent is atmospheric, sumptuous, deep and enveloping."

Key notes: Ambergris, neroli, bergamot, lime, orange and woodsy notes for depth.

The woman's opinion: This is the deepest of the three fragrances by Thirdman that arrive at Mecca Cosmetica stores this week. Eau Profonde is unisex, and is described as a citrus aromatic fragrance. There's an awful lot of secrecy surrounding the identity of the founder of this brand - many in the beauty industry hint that it might be George Clooney. If it is, it makes a tonne of sense. This superbly sophisticated scent is clean but with a special depth to it. Interesting, but not as weird as Comme des Garcons fragrances. Wear this if you want passers by to double back for a second look - or sniff.

Calvin Klein Encounter, $81 from Farmers.

What they say: "Modern, stylish and unapologetically masculine."

Key notes: Mandarin, cardamom, rum, pepper, jasmine, patchouli and cognac. 

The woman's opinion: This is a fresh and adventurous scent, lightweight and spicy with a bit of depth. A great summer scent for sporty types or trend-focused guys. Will go great with your chinos and a crisp shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom, $70 from Farmers.

What they say: "For a polished gentleman with a rebellious spirit. Inspired by the sea and by the abundance of possibilities on endless horizon, the new fragrance is perfectly adapted to marine-sporty style characteristic of the Hilfiger house."

Key notes: Liquorice, cucumber, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, chilli, ginger and cinnamon, oak moss and sandalwood.

The woman's opinion: Fresh without being too traditionally 'sporty', this feels a little more sophisticated than previous Tommy fragrances. Wear this if you want women to think you own a boat or a holiday house by the sea.