In my beauty bag: Samantha Hayes

23:30, Nov 22 2012
Samantha Hayes
TV reporter Samantha Hayes: "If I had known that I would have to stay red forever I probably would have considered it a bit more."
Samantha Hayes beauty products 1
Some of Samantha Hayes' favourite beauty products: Byredo Parfums La Tulipe, Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Moisturising Mask, and Kevin Murphy Full Again volumising cream - "I've heard it described as Viagra for hair."
Samantha Hayes beauty products 2
Samantha Hayes' makeup essentials: M.A.C Prep + Prime, Face and Body foundation, blusher and mascara.


TV3 reporter Samantha Hayes shares her beauty secrets.

"I wear a lot of makeup every day for work, because being on camera mutes everything. You can put on so much makeup and it just disappears. It's definitely something that I've had to get used to. I used to want to apologise to people about it. When I was wearing studio makeup in the Nightline days we'd go up the road and get takeaways for dinner. I would want to say to the people at the takeaway shop "I don't usually look like this! This makeup is for the studio!"

As soon as I get home for the day the first thing I try to do is take my makeup off. But sometimes I'm running late and I end up being the girl who's wearing bright red lipstick at the gym.

I carry a little makeup kit with me everywhere, as I don't get made up for every job. If I'm reporting on location it's totally and utterly me. My beauty routine needs to be really simple and I need to be able to do it really quickly. Most of the time I'm using the reflection in the window of the car for my touch ups. I have also got really good at putting on makeup in a moving vehicle.

My makeup kit has my M.A.C Face and Body foundation, my powder, my concealer, a really basic four-pack of M.A.C nude eyeshadows, blush, mascara and a liquid liner. I'm hopeless at doing liquid liner, so there's this M.A.C one called Penultimate that's like a felt tip pen, it's so good! I didn't even attempt liquid line until I got that pen.


I'm never going to have perfect hair. You now how some people have that beautiful soft, glossy hair - that's not me. My hair is quite fine but thick, and a great blowdry only lasts half a day in my hair anyway. I usually style it to have a bit of movement in it, because it's never going to sit perfectly when you're on the road reporting.

My mum had a set of rules growing up - you don't have chipped nail polish, tights with holes in them, or regrowth. It's often the first thing people see, and I can tell you now that the day you think you can get away with it is the day you're reporting on a story where you have to point at things and the camerman goes in for a closeup. I don't have time to fix up my nail polish every day, so I get Colour Gloss done by Petrina at Magic Tan and Beauty. I go and see the girls and have a great time, and then I don't have to think about my nails for another two weeks.

On my days off I just wear M.A.C Face and Body, mascara, and often I'll put on a bright lip. All you have to do is wear red lipstick and people think you've tried hard. My flatmate said to me yesterday "where are you going?" and I wasn't going anywhere, I'd just put on red lipstick. It's amazing what a red lip can do.

I started dyeing my hair when I was 14. I picked a shade called 'butternut pumpkin' and I've been dyeing it the same tone ever since. A few years ago I tried to dye it back to my natural colour. These guys wrote a song that they liked me better when my hair was redder - it was even played on the radio - so we dyed it back to red.

The problem was that when I first went on TV presenting Nightline I had red hair, so that's what everyone thought my hair colour was I suppose - even though it doesn't really look natural. If I had known that I would have to stay red forever I probably would have considered it a bit more before embarking out, because it's really high maintenance. The roots have to be touched up every three weeks.

I have crazily fussy skin. My skin shows stress before anything else does, which is terrible when you're on television. Your face is what everybody sees so it's horrible when you do have problems with your skin. If I know I'm going to a cold climate or going into a stressful time I put on Dr Hauschka's Moisturising Mask. You're supposed to take it off afterwards, but I wear it as a moisturiser and leave it on. It's pretty intense - all dewy and tacky - but it prevents any dry areas happening.

I've been using Dr Haushcka for a while now and I just love it. Whenever I feel a spot coming up I cleanse my face at night, and then instead of moisturising I spritz with Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner. I keep spritzing until my skin feels like it's hydrated and then I just leave my skin to breathe while I sleep. In the morning the spot is gone - it's amazing.

I used to love cleansers that were foamy and went everywhere, and it was a shift to go to cleansing milk that feels like a light moisturiser, but it's brilliant for removing makeup, it'll take anything off. A makeup artist once told me that makeup removing pads are great - for cleaning the sink. They're just so harsh."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams.