In my beauty bag: Zeenat Hatim

Last updated 05:00 29/11/2012

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Freelance fashion stylist Zeenat Hatim used to be the head stylist at Grazia India, has worked for Cosmopolitan magazine and has been featured in Vogue India. Love brought her to New Zealand where she's now based, working in PR and as a freeelance stylist.  She shares her beauty secrets. 

"I was born in India, but my mum is from the Middle East, my grandfather is Chinese, and then my dad is Indian, so I have dark brown hair instead of black.

I've just been here six months I just started finding out the best places to go. I go to Stephen Marr for my hair because their treatments are so awesome. Last month I coloured my hair for the first time in four years. It really needed a bit of extra pampering so  I've started using the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. It's the milder repair mask of the brand and I actually use it daily just as a conditioner.

I'm right into oils for your face, hair and body. I start my day using Sans Goji Cleansing Oil from Stephen Marr - it's basically a body oil that you rinse off in the shower. It cleanses and completely moisturises my skin so I don't have to do it again out of the shower - great for when I'm on the go.

I have another thing that I do with oils that's quite strange. When I got back from India last my skin was completely dry, so after cleansing I was rubbing cold pressed virgin olive oil on my skin and then rinsing it off with warm water. It was incredible and really sorted my skin out. I figure if it's good for your insides it's good for your skin too.

There's an amazing brand I recently discovered in India called Forest Essentials;  they use the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, and they make the products in the mountains using the best water and completely natural ingredients. When I go to India I completely stock up, it's that good. Right now I'm using the Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub, it's a deep cleansing product made of finely milled walnuts put in pure aloe vera. 

My Mum has always been right into natural beauty products. She used to make homemade face packs and it's something which I also do every few weeks. The latest one I did was grated cucumber mixed with a mild oil so it's really hydrating. There are also some great recipes online - I feel much better knowing that I have something natural (and edible) on my face, and it really works.

I love a dewy look so I use M.A.C Strobe Lotion first on my skin. It's a lot lighter than the Strobe Cream and it gives my skin a nice sheen. My skin is so senstive and I get really bad pigmentation so I always use sunblock - even if I'm just sitting in the house. I mix it with a bit of my day lotion and put it on my face.

It's really hard to find the right foundation with Indian skin - a lot of makeups make your skin look either grey or too orange. A lot of my Indian friends use Bobbi Brown's stick foundation which I've also started using. I don't like the look of a lot of makeup, so I just dab it where I need the coverage and then blend it with a makeup sponge.

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During the day I just apply mascara, and then an eyeliner at night. In the day I use lip tint - Benefit Poppy Tint is nice and natural looking, and for something more I love M.A.C Lady Danger lipstick, it's really bright but somehow it works on me."

As told to Bronwyn Williams


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