In my bag: Kimberley Crossman

00:18, Dec 06 2012
Kimberly Crossman
" ...and a few more!"
Kimberly Crossman
"Some of my favourite Clinique products, concealer, moisturiser, and an amazing shimmering body tanning oil from The Body Shop."
Kimberly Crossman
"Elizabeth Arden liquid eyeliner, a blusher, foundation and Nars illuminator, and my favourite Phoenix brushes."
Kimberly Crossman
"A few of my perfumes.."

Kimberley Crossman, actor, blogger and presenter shares her beauty secrets. She's back from LA to promote her book Love You, out now in bookstores.

"Smelling good is one of my daily objectives and I'm a bit of a fragrance hoarder. I have a very strong sense of smell and I associate memories with smell. For example I recently went and bought Ralph Lauren Blue because that was one of the first perfumes I ever bought. When I wear it now it reminds me of summer and of being young.

"Whenever I buy a perfume it's at a stage or an event in my life, like I got the Michael Kors Very Hollywood when I first went to Hollywood, so I'm like 'Oh it reminds me of this, so I'll wear it today'. I love trying new perfumes. I love the Taylor Swift one and I love the Nicki Minaj one - mainly because it comes in the most ridiculous bottle ever! Right now I'm carrying around the Justin Bieber fragrance, which is amazing by the way. I've had more compliments about this than any other one I own. Don't knock it till you try it!

"My hair is something I'm working on; I've never been too good at doing my own hair. Right now I've got extensions in because I'm trying to grow it out. They're these new taped extensions that don't ruin your hair. They're taped in and they grow out with your hair, and then you just have them taken out and moved back up. You can wash it, curl it and everything. I get them done at Shoosh in Ponsonby.

"I'm constantly in a state of hair repair. I had my hair dyed brown for a show and then dyed straight back to blonde and it started breaking off. Every second day, if not every day, my hair is being done with irons whether it's for photo shoots or for filming. That's been going on for six or seven years so I feel my hair is definitely not in the best condition.

"I've just moved to using the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi range, and instead of using a conditioner I've switched to using an intensive treatment every day for a while to try to get my hair back to what it should be. I was recently told by my hairdresser that people don't use enough heat protectant in their hair. They think its going to make their hair oily, but you can be quite generous with the application. So I've since been using a lot more, I use ghd thermal protector.

"My mother has amazing skin and something she's always taught me is to moisturise, moisturise, moisture; so I moisturise my body twice a day with Nivea Soft. I want to have good skin for my whole life, so I also spray tan rather than get in the sun's rays. Leah Light does the most amazing spray tans and I go there every couple of weeks. She also does my nails as well - my mum and sisters get their nails done there too, sometimes we all go together and make a day of it, we have so much fun!

"Beauty is something that I'm really passionate about. I spend so much of my life in a makeup chair with amazing makeup artists. During the five years I was on Shortland Street I picked up so many tips and techniques from Rebecca Elliot, the makeup artist there. Rebecca also features in my book. With my book I wanted to take everything I've learnt in my 24 years and the advice that people around me have so kindly given me, add extracts from professionals in the beauty, fashion and fitness fields, and create that into a hub to pass it on.

"I've always been a lip gloss person. Playing Sophie on Shortland Street for years, lip gloss was her key piece. I had quite natural makeup and then the lip gloss was like 'Boom'. I still love glitter and pop on my lips, but I've been transitioning into lipstick the past year thanks to M.A.C. I recently found these cool M.A.C ones that are a nice pink shade. M.A.C makeup is so cheap in America, it's about $12 for a lippy, and as it's affordable I've started becoming more experimental with it. I've found a website called and you can get M.A.C shipped here for US prices."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams.