Leighton Meester's makeup tips

19:36, Dec 09 2012
Leighton Meester.
GOSSIP GIRL: Leighton Meester.

Leighton Meester thinks people should admit that most women look better with makeup on.

The Gossip Girl actress doesn't agree with plastering on layers and layers of cosmetics, but she does believe everyone benefits from a little help. Meester's trick is to make sure she only plays up her best assets.

"Everyone looks better with a little bit of makeup," she told Company magazine.

"Y'know, a little bit of mascara and a bit of concealer... but a little goes a long way. You've got to get used to seeing your face without make-up, otherwise it becomes thicker and heavier and more and more, and then you don't recognise yourself without it."

The star describes her make-up routine as "minimal" although she does like creating a nice base. She has recently started using BB creams and hasn't looked back since.

She also makes sure she always pencils in her eyebrows as it brings her face together and "would cry" if her favourite tinted moisturiser or mascara was discontinued.

"The craziest beauty trick I've ever seen is... someone curling my eyelashes with a spoon. No idea why - but it worked," she added.

Her eye makeup doesn't always go so well though. Meester struggles with eye-liner and even though she always watches carefully when her cosmetics artists apply it she has never been able to master it.


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