In my beauty bag: Jessica Walsh

Last updated 05:00 13/12/2012
Jessica Walsh

KEEPING IT SIMPLE: "All I do now is rinse my face with water," says Jessica Walsh.

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Jessica Walsh is one half of New York-based design company Sagmeister & Walsh. She was recently in New Zealand as a guest speaker at Semi-permanent design conference. She shares her beauty secrets.

"I never wash my face. I haven't washed it for six years, and I rarely get blemishes. I used to get them a lot and I was using all these things for acne - all these special creams, and then someone said "try doing nothing - no moisturiser, no soap, no nothing" and my acne cleaned completely up. All I do now is rinse my face with water. I use a washcloth to remove my makeup but nothing else; I think our body can regulate itself, and we put a lot of crap on it. The first two months I stopped using stuff on my face my acne got worse, and it was hard not to moisturise after washing, but then my skin got amazing.

I've heard about people doing the same thing with their hair, but that one I haven't got into. My hairdresser tells me I should only wash my hair twice a week, but I couldn't even do that, I have to wash it every day.

I try to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible as I am always on the go. I get a keratin treatment for my hair every three months - it's essentially a smoothing treatment but it's not damaging like the Japanese straightening treatments. My mum and sister have been using it forever, and a couple of years ago I gave in and tried it - I would never go back. We all have really frizzy hair, and this smoothes the frizz but retains my natural wave, so I can literally just air dry my hair and it leaves a really pretty beachy wave. It speeds up my mornings so much.  

Right now I have a really specific hairstyle. I've had these bangs for about two years now and I really like them. They are easy if I'm running out and don't have time to properly do my hair, I just throw my hair into a ponytail and blow out the bangs. I'm all about the convenience and speed while still looking fashionable; it's the same with my makeup. I like bold lip colours and I think it's quite nice to have that contrast against all the black clothing I wear.

I keep my makeup really simple - red lip (always Dior), a Lancome liquid eyeliner on my top lashes, bronzer on my cheeks, and mascara, and that's all. I actually just use cheap Maybelline mascara; I've gone through all the expensive ones and find the Maybelline the best. It's the same with foundations, I occasionally wear foundation and the one I've found that's best is Maybelline's Dream Mousse. Whenever I wear it I get comments on how consistent my skin tone is, and it gives a nice matte look, it's the only foundation I've found that I like. 

For bronzer I love the Bare Minerals Warmth Powder, I pop it under my cheekbones to make them look a bit stronger. A makeup artist once told me about highlighting, so if I'm going out I sometimes put highlighting powder on the top of my cheekbones and brow bone for a more intense look.

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The small studio in Chelsea where I work is just seven blocks away from my apartment, although I spend most of my time at the studio - I'm a workaholic as most New Yorkers are. I spend my days in the studio or in client meetings, and most of my nights are spent out. The great thing about New York is that you can literally go to a new restaurant every night. "

As told to Bronwyn Williams

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