In my beauty bag: Joe Cotton

16:00, Jan 09 2013
Jo Cotton
"I didn't look after my skin in my 20s so now I'm paying for it in my 30s," spills the lovely Joe Cotton.
Jo Cotton
Joe says she's an all or nothing person, and is either fully glammed-up or nearly makeup-free.

Joe Cotton is a presenter on More FM and a member of the Mermaids singing and dancing band. She shares her beauty secrets and not-so-angelic beauty confessions. 

"I didn't look after my skin in my 20s so now I'm paying for it in my 30s. I was so naughty, I didn't even start taking off my makeup before going to sleep until about five years ago. 

I moisturise daily with Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream, it's pretty thick but I love it. That's the one good thing I have done - I haven't gone a day since I was 13 without moisturising. I carry Trilogy's Hydrating Mist Toner in my handbag and spritz my face throughout the day, and then at night I use their Rosehip Oil - I think it's magical and somehow I think I'll lose all my wrinkles overnight. Every couple of weeks I'll also do a little exfolialting and shove my head over a bowl of hot steaming water to try to stave off the Botox.

I'm an all or nothing person. During the week I try not to wear much makeup. Because I work at night I don't have to see anybody and I don't have to impress anybody. In the weekends when I'm performing I become a more is more person - fake eyelashes and lots of makeup, I'll go to town. 

During the week I'm not really into foundation - once again because of the mistakes of my past, thick foundation just goes into all my wrinkles! M.A.C Moisture Tint is really light, has enough coverage and also has SPF so I don't have to think about it. I'll use that, concealer, mascara, and then I actually use a lipstick as my blusher.

The best mascara in the universe comes from L'Oreal, and believe me I've tried every mascara known to man. I've been on the Telescopic for the last four years; the black is proper black, and it actually lengthens your lashes. I like the look of fake lashes and these actually give you that look.


I'm such a Kiwi girl, but ages ago I got into Thin Lizzy concealer and I swear by it. I get quite bad psoriasis on my legs and I have to cover it when I perform. A friend used this on me once and I was hooked. I now use it for both a face and body concealer - it sort of just sticks there forever.

I've been warned that your neck is the next thing to go - so my older friends tell me. My mum found this thing for me by Kiehl's, it's Whipped Soy Milk and Honey Body Butter and it's amazing. It now goes on everywhere from the head down, including the neck.

I used to be horrendous at doing my stage makeup; at the time I thought I was amazing, but it was like a bad Abba. Thankfully I've got better over time. When you're on stage you can get away with more, and I still play with colour a lot. I use a lot of M.A.C products for performing, they do great stage makeup. It's funny, I get this expensive makeup and then I get all these super cheap things too. I actually have this box of eyeshadow from the $2 shop up the road; its the sort of thing you might buy a child, but it has about 24 of  these really strong pigments. It's hilarious, I may go blind in future years because you never know what's in it, but for now it's amazing. 

When I want big hair for performing I'll wear extensions. Mine are clip-in by Mita from Farmers and they're brilliant. If you look after them they'll last ages. I had always been jealous of Jessica Simpson's big hair, and then it turned out her hair wasn't real either."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams