In my beauty bag: Amber Peebles

16:00, Jan 23 2013
amber peebles
SECRET WEAPONS: Amber has an enviable collection of M.A.C lipsticks and swears by Joico haircare.
amber peebles
GROOMING GURU: Amber Peebles, founder of website The Down Low, has a passion and penchant for makeup.
amber peebles
EVERYDAY TOOLS: These are the products you'll find in Amber's handbag every day, without fail.
amber peebles
SKIN SOLUTIONS: Amber still uses Proactiv to help with her acne, and she also loves Dermaquest's Youth serum.

Amber Peebles is the founder of fashion website The Down Low and a fashion and shopping ambassador for Mondo Travel. She shares her beauty secrets.

"As a teenager I had quite bad skin, but it has almost been a blessing because I've never taken it for granted. I really do try to take care of my skin, so I'm a morning and night cleanse, tone and moisturise girl. It's why I jumped onto Proactiv, I'm actually no longer an ambassador for them, but I used it before I was an ambassador and obviously I'm still using it after. I spent all this time trying all these different products and putting anything on these bloody pimples to try and make them go away - garlic, toothpaste, anything you hear might work! It was a Jessica Simpson Proactiv ad that turned me, she said, 'After a couple of months you'll thank me', and I realised that a couple of months is a much more realistic time for skin improvement, as opposed to the next morning claim of 'it's gone! Amazing!'

The other skincare thing I use is something my girlfriend got me onto. I had never heard of it before but it's amazing. It's Niacinamide Youth Serum by Dermaquest Skin Therapy; she was raving about it, it's quite expensive but you only need one pump and it goes over your whole face and your neck. I'm a fan of including your neck too; or else you'll have this young face and a crepey neck! I probably shouldn't have shared that secret with you to be fair, because it'll sell out and I won't be able to buy it anymore!

In my time I've done a few microdermabrasions and didn't find them to be that good, and then I tried Laser Skin Technologies on Williamson Ave in Grey Lynn, Auckland - it's where I get the serum from. I'm 30 next year, and I was starting to see a few lines and things popping up - I now do microdermabrasion once every two to three months, and it has just kind of rewound everything a little bit. 

I'm a real slut when it comes to eye creams, I wear all sorts. Right now I'm wearing the Bobbi Brown one and it's lovely, I got it in a goodie bag! I started wearing eye creams young - in my teens, and I figured that as long as I was wearing one and starting young then I was doing the right thing and it didn't matter so much as to what it was. I think as you get older and you start trying to reverse damage already done is when you start needing the really expensive ones! 

I was trained as a makeup artist, so I love makeup. I love trying new and bright colours - blushers, lipsticks, and interesting colours on my eyes. But as I've got a fringe, it takes away from eyeshadows a bit so I tend to wear most of my colour on my lips now. Without a fringe you've got your brows and eyes to play with, but with one it's better to work with your cheeks and lips.  


I've always looked for a lip shade that looks natural, but is just that touch more interesting than what you've got. I finally found it in Karen Murrell, it's like my natural lips, but better. I chuck it on when I'm not wearing much makeup, and it gives me a little bit of colour. It turns up the notch just a little, without looking too much.

I have to tell you about M.A.C Skinsheen Leg Spray, it's an amazing, super moisturising instant tan, and if you haven't tried it you absolutely must. It's similar to a soft makeup for your legs, and it's the best one I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot. Once it's set it doesn't rub off on stuff. 

I've tried a few of these lash growth serums, and I've found that Revitalash is the best. I've been using it for about three months, putting it on every night and my friend thought I had falsies on the other day, so it's obviously working! I really rate it."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams

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