In my beauty bag: Amy Usherwood

16:00, Jan 30 2013
Amy Usherwood
SHORTY STAR: Amy Usherwood keeps her beauty routine to a minimum on days off because she spends so much time in the make-up chair at work.
Amy Usherwood
A KIWI CLASSIC: Amy uses Thin Lizzy on her face to avoid breakouts, and also just because it's so cheap.
Amy Usherwood
STAPLE PRODUCTS: Amy was introduced to South African scientific skin-care brand Environ just recently, and is so convinced she's begun collecting the whole lot.

"Emma's much more forthright than me. She wears quite heavy eye makeup and likes to have her hair up more than me. I'm probably a bit lazier than Emma, and she probably has a bigger makeup bag than I do! But I think that's partly because I get my hair and makeup done at work [on set] all the time, and so when I have a day off it's the last thing I feel like doing.

My beauty and skincare routine changes all the time. I'm still figuring out what works for me. I recently started using a new product called Environ, Kerry-Lee (who plays Kylie on Shortland Street) put me onto this beautician called Linda Jackson from Skin Wellness, and she uses it. Kerry-Lee had been talking to me about the range for all of last year and I finally tried it. Linda is amazing, and I really love the Environ products, partly because it's about putting moisture and oils back into your skin instead of stripping it all away. I'm slowly collecting the whole skincare range. Linda says there's no point in spending money on facials if you haven't got your home skincare sorted first. Get your skincare routine working for you and then your skin will benefit better from facials.

If I'm going out I'll use my M.A.C makeup - I'm a bit of a M.A.C girl for eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushers - I really like them. I did a shoot years ago for something in Sydney and they used M.A.C's Satin Taupe eyeshadow; I fell in love with it and I've had one ever since. Shorty Street uses a lot of M.A.C products, so I get to find out what colours are good for me. I've learnt a lot from watching how the makeup girls do it.

They also use Thin Lizzy foundation powder at work, and I've just started using that as well. I get breakouts and things so I feel like it's better to use mineral makeup on my skin. It's great, and it's really cheap!

I remove my makeup with the Environ Pre-cleansing Oil, it removes all the makeup and then you just wash it all off with a gel cleanser. A couple of times a week I use their Hydrating Exfoliant Masque - you put it on top of the pre-cleansing oil and massage them both in together before leaving them on for a bit. It's a really amazing product. I'm big on moisturisers as my skin gets quite dry, but in terms of those anti-wrinkle things I'm a bit sceptical, they never seem to get rid of any wrinkles! 

My hair is naturally very very curly, it's tamed for filming. Curly hair is healthier if it's got more moisture, so I tend to only wash it every three or four days and just condition it in between that. Every second or third day I use Matrix Hair Mask; one of the makeup girls at work suggested it to me. I usually give my hair a break from styling and wear it natural on my days off, but I love the Redken products that are for curly hair. I massage the Curvaceous Full Swirl and Ringlet products in to stop it going frizzy and make my curls a bit more defined."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams