Kiwi women need makeup for confidence

21:42, Feb 24 2013
READY TO FACE THE WORLD: Nearly 40 per cent of New Zealand women wear makeup every day.

Kiwi women need makeup to feel confident, according to a new survey.

Research undertaken by beauty brand Olay looked into the cosmetic habits of more than 1000 women.

The study found 30 per cent of respondents wore makeup at least once a week, with 38 per cent wearing it every day.

Bank balances were at the forefront of the respondents' minds, with four in 10 spending less than $20 per month on beauty products.

Only three per cent of the women surveyed would spend more than $100 per month on makeup products - with most of them finding cheaper products to be just as good as expensive ones.

The study found Botox was favoured as a future option for six per cent of women, while three per cent said they would consider a facelift.


Auckland psychologist Sara Chatwin said the results showed New Zealand women were struggling with self esteem, and would "perk up" their confidence with makeup.

"While this may not be a bad thing, you do have to be aware that wearing makeup might just be masking other issues. It was a little alarming that the wearing of makeup was linked to feeling more confident about themselves," she said.

"On a more positive note, it's great to see New Zealand women investing in skin care for protective and anti-aging reasons, and that women are careful about getting involved in surgeries before they are needed, which is great," said Chatwin.

Chatwin said surgical options should be thought through carefully and undertaken for the right reasons.

She said it was great to see New Zealand women were taking care of their skin.

"It's very wise to do things for ourselves first. If we feel good in our skins we are more able to cope with and look after the needs of family members and friends."

Does wearing makeup make you feel more confident?