In my beauty bag: Siobhan Marshall

16:00, Feb 27 2013
In My Beauty Bag: Siobhan Marshall
Siobhan Marshall suffers from sensitive skin, but has finally figured out a regime that works for her.
In My Beauty Bag: Siobhan Marshall
Here are Siobhan's essential lip products, moisturisers and cleansers. "I love Pure Fiji body moisturiser," she told us. "It smells so yum; and in winter I use their oil."
In My Beauty Bag: Siobhan Marshall
"This Bobbi Brown lip pencil was the one used by the makeup gurus on 'The Blue Rose', I liked it so much I took it when I left! Oh, and I got this perfume in Europe and I love it."

We know her from 'Outrageous Fortune' and 'The Blue Rose', actress Siobhan Marshall shares her beauty secrets.

"I've always had really sensitive skin, but over time I've trained it tough. I decided early on that I was going to take care of my skin, to make it easier on myself when I'm working. In the early days of acting my skin would react to everything and now it's really tough because of all the stuff I've done to it!

I spend money on my skin, more than anything else. I get facials every month from About Face in St Luke's. I tried cutting out the facials for a few months but I (and my skin) was so unhappy! It's totally relaxing, but it's also active - it's called the Power of Three.  [The treatment features a peel, an omnilux light treatment, and sonophoresis, during which ultrasound is used to sink vitamins deep into the skin].

My skincare routine is pretty simple, but sometimes the girls at About Face recommend that I use a serum or something for a period of time and then I'll add that in; they know my skin better than I do. I've tried a lot of different skin brands, but I've got my favourites now. I use a Priori cleanser morning and night, it has a light AHA acid and it gets deep into the skin in one minute. I use Priori Coffee Berry Day Complex in summer, but not during winter because it's not rich enough for me then. My skin changes dramatically with the seasons, in winter I use Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisture Cream.

I have this amazing eye cream called StriVectin, I get it in the States as you can't get it here. It actually started as a stretch mark cream and to treat haemorrhoids or something like that, but then they realised it makes your skin look amazing too!

If I have makeup on I use Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse, but not at the moment because I've finished filming now. Over time the makeup artists at work have found products that work well on my skin. They found that Armani foundation is perfect, it looks great and I don't react to it either. I also love the primer.   


I never wear makeup when I'm not filming, apart from a bit of light coverage. I've started using Bobbi Brown BB Cream; it has an SPF which is great because I'm a sunscreen girl. I also love Thin Lizzy mineral foundation, I used to use Sheer Cover (yes I bought it off the TV) but I can't get it now. What's funny is that while filming 'Outrageous Fortune' I found out Antonia [Prebble] had bought it too and we were both using it.

If I'm going out I might put some shimmery eyeshadow on and curl my lashes then add brown mascara. At the moment I'm actually using a freebie I got in the mail.

I'm cursed with cold sores - if I get sun damage or windburn I get cold sores, so I use Blistex and Lucas' Papaw religiously. I couldn't afford to get a cold sore while filming 'The Blue Rose' so I got this amazing product that you have to have a prescription for called Lovir. I didn't get one until the very end of shooting when I ran out of it for two weeks. Annoying!

I almost feel like my hair isn't mine, because it gets changed so much during filming. I recently dyed my hair red for the first time ever, just for a change. I dyed it the day of the TV Awards, and it was quite full on because everyone was like "Oh my gawd!" It's now going back to normal."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams