Power brows are back with a vengeance

23:09, May 14 2013
Cara Delevingne
BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT: Cara Delevingne's impressive eyebrows have sparked a trend.

You can blame fashion's hottest property Cara Delevingne for the current fascination with bushy eyebrows. Not since Brooke Shields sparked a craze in the '80s has the brow been so fashionable, but just how far would you go to look like your style crush?

Simply being over-generous with a brow pencil will be enough to recreate the look for most people, but there are more extreme methods on the market.

Some frustrated fashionistas who feel they are seriously lacking in the brow department have decided it is time to put down their make-up bag in favour of a more permanent solution.

In the UK, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has reported an increase in people undergoing eyebrow transplants.

While the operation was originally only available to those who had suffered burns or been in accidents, a new wave of patient is now applying for the procedure.

Many women complain that years of over-plucking their brows have left them damaged and thin. Others are simply eager to remain on trend and achieve the perfect statement eyebrow.

"More and more women are requesting eyebrow transplants. Big brows are fashionable at the moment. Some women come in with a picture of Cara, saying they want her brows," surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak told Look magazine.

However, the transplant is not to be taken lightly - especially since it can cost around £4,000 (NZ $7,400). The procedure takes fours to complete and leaves patients with a scar behind the head where a section of skin measuring 2-5cm is taken. The skin packed with hair follicles is then divided under a microscope and follicles are grafted into the existing brow hair.


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