In my beauty bag: Colin Mathura-Jeffree

08:39, May 16 2013
Colin Mathura-Jeffree's beauty essentials
Some of Colin Mathura-Jeffree's grooming essentials.
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Colin Mathura-Jeffree prides himself on looking good.

Colin Mathura-Jeffree is the life of the party, the fun part of the front row and the host of New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker, which begins its fourth season tonight on TV3. He reveals what's in his beauty bag.

"I wear makeup every day because I always have to be photo-ready. I learned that as a model in the 90s - I could be called out to a casting instantly and I absolutely had to be ready. Every makeup artist in town know that when I turn up to shoots and events, the first thing they have to do is hit me with wet wipes.

I think it's important to be passionate about beauty products and beauty itself.  Look at nature... look at the safari! We love the magnificent lion - we don't celebrate the hyena. So when people try to validate not looking good, I think, 'don't share that insecurity with me'. We want to look up to people, we want them to be 100 per cent healthy and literally magnificent. We don't celebrate sickly people.

I have great skin.  I'm 41 years old and I don't have virtually any wrinkles. A lot of that is to do with internal health. That changes with diet and travel... makeup can take away the dark circles and the tiredness, it gives you that quick zhushing illusion.

My mother has really good skin and of course my skin is genetic to a large degree, we are the product of our parents. It's all about food. I love good food but I also love champagne and gin and tonic, so I am a big fat contradiction.  But I know when I am rough around the edges from a party it's about re-feeding with all these amazing products. If I get home from a wild party I will smother my face in rich moisturiser after a hot shower (hot showers are dehydrating too).

Skincare is very important to me and I would add my hair into that as well. It's an entire process. You can't have an amazing looking face and greasy hair - you have to look after the entire beast.


The first and most important thing I would have, if there was a fire or if I was on a desert island, is sunscreen. I use Murad Skin Defense SPF15, but any kind of sunblock is the best thing that you can ever have for your skin.  Although I have darker skin, I burn.

I start with a shower and I use Evolu Exfoliating Body Wash - smells great, like a beauty clinic. If you have a big nose like me, it's all about scent.

Out of the shower (water all over the bathroom), I shave with a razor and Murad Cleansing Shave and follow with Murad Razor Burn Rescue which is important, because when you shave you are removing skin as well. I resist the shave as much as possible because when you cleanse - as good as the products are - you strip the natural facial oils which are good for you.  Your body will give you all the oils that are necessary.  So you have to put back, you always need to feed your skin.

I use Evolu Facial Toner and then moisturise.  I aspire to using serum but I forget to put it on - being a man, I have my routine and if I add something else in I'll forget it.  I have a lip treatment but I am very careful when I put it on, because my lips are full and soft and it can look like I have too much lipstick on.

I have facials. On occasion I have a designer beard - sometime it's more like a pirate or a Parisian moustache.  I don't really have to do my eyebrows, they've sort of shaped themselves over the years and I knock out the odd one.  But I was watching TV one day and I saw that amazing hair removal thing that you stick up your nose and in your ears - its cheap but it's such a great thing. With New Zealand men in particular, the grooming is so out the window. The New Zealand man will look like there's a blowfly up his nose with its feet hanging out!

With makeup, being a man I want it to be easy, I don't want there to be a lot of fuss and bother. It's just about very fast, even coverage.  I use M.A.C. Studio Finish concealer, Studio Fix fluid which just cleans everything out, and powder. And M.A.C eyeliner on the rim of my lower eye, which makes my light eyes powerful.

If I feel like a bit of a rock star I will put Black Orly nail varnish on.

For me it's alway so important to smell good - people are always coming up to me and telling me 'you smell so nice!' I wear Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, but they have another that I want to get - ginger, amber and lily, it's my pick-up fragrance.  Pick up anything with it!

Hair is really important to me. If I want to intimidate someone, I make sure that the hair is rockstar ready. I have a thick mane of hair.  I don't wash it all the time because again, it's all about not stripping it, I will wash my hair once every four days (unless I do a bit workout or something like that) - your natural oils are best when it comes to looking after your hair. Sometimes I tip over the edge all of a sudden - I leave the house with my hair amazing but I'll turn up at the event and l look like a greasy monkey. So that's where Label.M Dry Shampoo for brunettes comes in. You just pssssssssssst! and it sucks all the oils out of the hair and it's perfect.

I've got no grey hair.  I wouldn't dare say if my Mum had any. I have thick hair with thin strands which tends to the 'beautiful' - if I want to have masculine hair I have to texturise it. This Label.M Miracle Fibre is so good.  You do 'less is more' - you put a little bit in and then you mess it up and then a little but more - then you have a glass of champagne and you do a little bit more and it's too much but you don't care...

Lots of professional men ask me about things like concealer - they want to make their skin look amazing because they have to do a presentation or something and I think, 'bang on the mark'.

A lot of the success I have been given, with the TV shows and the opportunities, has been based on how I present myself, and how I present myself is with these products."

As told to Julie Roulston