In my beauty bag: Kellie Taylor

BEAUTY SECRETS: "My favourite eyeshadow of all time is Brule by M.A.C.; it's the perfect neutral, but with enough gold for my skintone."
BEAUTY SECRETS: "My favourite eyeshadow of all time is Brule by M.A.C.; it's the perfect neutral, but with enough gold for my skintone."

Fashion designer and mother-of-two Kellie Taylor is celebrating her Moochi label's 13th year in business this year.

We nabbed her, after the school run, in her Ponsonby office and peeked into her beauty bag.

"I wear makeup most of the time, but to varying levels.  I went away for the school holidays in a campervan with my kids and on day one I had makeup on, and by day five I didn't. I always wear makeup to work and even in the weekends I'll still put on a light base and some gloss and mascara, even if it's just for coffee up the road. When you get used to your face having makeup on, when you see it without you feel a bit naked.

I'm interested in makeup. I'm an absolute M.A.C. addict, but I'm also on another tangent which is internal beauty - about getting your skin right, and your diet. I'm working with Dr Libby (Weaver)'s assistant on using lots of raw ingredients and having good treats that are going to give me good energy, rather than hollow food... skin-wise it definitely has an impact.

We are Dermalogica freaks. They have been Moochi partners for about four years, but because we sought them out as were using the products. I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - the powder that you mix with water, it's an awesome product. In the shower I use their Special Cleansing Gel Cleanser and I absolutely love their body scrub.

We use Dermalogica sunscreen, and I tend to wear a light block even at this time of year, or at the very least have an SPF in my foundation. I moisturise with Dermalogica Daily Moisturiser, and these days I use a serum where I would have used a toner.

For foundation, I use M.A.C. Mineralise liquid makeup, and also Mineralise Skinfinish natural loose powder with my trusty brush. I never wore blusher up until a year ago because my skin goes rosy in the afternoon as it is. I used to rely on bronzer to do everything, but the girls at M.A.C showed me how to use a peppy little blusher, and I think you get a couple of years off doing so. What I did notice is that at 35 I was still dewy, but at 39 I am "40".  These are work wrinkles.

My favourite eyeshadow of all time is Brule by M.A.C.; it's the perfect neutral, but with enough gold for my skintone.  It doesn't matter which eyeshadow colours I choose, that's my base.  Sometimes I wear a bright orange powder in a line across my eyes, I really love that.

With my eyes being quite deep set I'm not that good with eyeliner. I use eyeshadow with an angle brush to get an eyeliner line. And I have a nice little brush selection. When I go into M.A.C I ask them "what do I need to do that?"

I wear a lot of gloss and it's usually a colour called Beaux.  M.A.C's Sheen Supreme is a great halfway point between lipstick and gloss but you can only get the colour that goes with Lady Danger lipstick (my favourite) at the airport. I also have Copper lipstick, Tribalist (dark wine), and Russian Red. If I am going out at night and need a guarantee that my lipstick is going to stay on, I use lip pencil too.

Because of the set of my eyes I find all mascara smudges, except one - I found Blinc years ago. It tubes your lashes.  When it washes off you think you have eyelashes in the basin, but it's just all the tubes.

Lucas Pawpaw is my winter must-have in the bag - for when you are caught on the sideline with your kids and you know you are going to get red lips and red happy clown face.

I go to D&M Hair Design for my hair.  Shannon does my blondes - and if you ever need a braid she is the No 1 genius.  My hair has to be bleached down more than most, it doesn't take the bleach, so it is very brittle.

I don't have much hair, it's thin. I use Redken Diamond Oil which makes my hair soft and gives it strength. I've also been using the Redken Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner.  I couldn't do my French rolls without Redken Powder Refresh - it makes me fell like I've got twice as much hair.  And it means I can wash every second day (even as a kid I had to wash every day because my hair was oily and thin and hopeless).

QVS hairpins are the only ones to use! There is a brunette set and a blonde set and there are different shades in each pack. They do the same with hair ties.

My nails are my weakness. I feel 100% better about myself when I have had my nails done, but I can't get to the nail bar and I don't want to sit and have my nails done on a Sunday afternoon, I'd rather hang out at home with my kids and a book. I do find Orly varnish really good when I use it. For 80 per cent of the summer I had bright orange lips so the toes matched.

Jo Malone is an addiction - not a good one to have, it's too expensive!  I have three or four different Jo Malone fragrances lined up and I just grab one. Refreshing Grapefruit in my gym bag, Pomegranate - I've nearly finished the second bottle and it takes a lot to get through one. Red Roses when you want to feel really soft and nice, Velvet Rose and Oud out for evening. The trick is the Body Crèmes in tubs - I think they last longer than the fragrances. I like mixing them, like the Pomegranate Body Butter with the Red Roses fragrance. Literally, when I walk in people go, "what have you got on?!" 

A beauty tip in general - be open. Try things!"

- As told to Julie Roulston