My beauty bag: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller

KEEPING IT SIMPLE: Stylist Karen Inderbitzen-Waller says she's not big on "makeup face".
KEEPING IT SIMPLE: Stylist Karen Inderbitzen-Waller says she's not big on "makeup face".
Karen Inderbitzen-Waller is a big fan of English perfumer Jo Malone, M.A.C makeup and French skincare.
Karen Inderbitzen-Waller is a big fan of English perfumer Jo Malone, M.A.C makeup and French skincare.

Karen Inderbitzen-Waller is the go-to stylist for the likes of Kate Sylvester and Nom*D. She's just published a photography book with her partner Delphine Avril Planqueel, and their 'Smoke and Mirrors' photography exhibition is on until June 27 at Auckland's Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery.  We popped into her local cafe for a morning coffee and a glimpse into her beauty bag.

"I wear a tiny bit of makeup every day if I have the time. I usually only have 10-15 minutes to run out the door so sometimes I go without, but most days, if I can, a bit of makeup  definitely looks better.  I think a little bit of foundation evens out the skin tone, and I'm partial to an eye flick as well.  I like M.A.C Brow Set for eyebrows.  Those three things plus perfume are pretty much the extent of my makeup.  I never leave the house without perfume - I feel undressed without it.  In the evening I'm not really into eyeshadow or anything like that, but I will have a slash of red lipstick.

I think it's important to get your foundation read by an artist.  Go to M.A.C, find out what you are, and mix it with moisturiser. I never apply foundation without adding moisturiser - it's an old Aaron de Mey [New Zealand born, international makeup artist] trick.  I've done that my whole life, I've found that it works, I hate makeup face.  I read about it in a magazine - I read a lot of magazines.

I'm anti-surgery.  I grew up with a cancer Mum who had lots of operations and I would never consider that.  I  look at the likes of Vivienne Westwood - you've got to just grow old comfortably in your own skin.  People like Carine Roitfeld - they give me hope and inspiration that you can still be beautiful when you are older.  I haven't even really been a makeup wearer, but as I've gotten older - I'm 38 now - a little bit of effort doesn't go astray.

As far as my morning beauty routine goes, coffee is the most important thing for me. I have two in the morning and another one or two during the day, but I drink lots of water so I don't worry about dehydration.

I'm pretty rock 'n' roll when it comes to my daily regime. Some nights if I am out late, I will just have a shower and go to bed.  But I do buy this cleanser from France - it's called BioDerma, you can't buy it in New Zealand.  I buy it in France - they sell two-packs in the pharmacies.  I buy most of my beauty products in France, they have all these great brands that are mid-priced and they're really, really good.  The BioDerma twin pack is about a kilo to bring back but I make room for it.  My friend Amber D from M.A.C is a big fan of BioDerma and she guides me on makeup.  So that's pretty much as far as it goes for me.

In the morning I use Cetaphil and I moisturise with Biotherme - it's a French moisturiser that I buy duty free, it's really hydrating.  In summer I always wear Cetaphil moisturiser with sunscreen.

Fragrance?  I always wear Jo Malone, that's all I wear.  My favourite signature scent is Pomegranate Noir, but the great thing about Jo Malone is that you can layer all the different flowers and make it your own. I quite like the Bluebell one as well, and Pear & Freesia... I am absolutely obsessed with Jo Malone and I am never wearing anything else.  I've got the body creams, the shower wash... it's amazing when you can wear the cream and then wear the perfume on top.  I am at Kate Sylvester all the time and when I go there the girls say "were you here earlier?  'Cause I smelt your perfume was here, and you were gone."  If I had a dollar for every person who asked what my perfume is!

Most perfumes have too many sickly florals for me.  I like the English garden aesthetic of Jo Malone.  They say if you can smell your own perfume, you are wearing too much.  I can never smell it but it's the perfect fragrance - it's very fresh.  Even the men's ones are amazing.

I am actually a tastemaker for Jo Malone - I wrote to her, and so I get a small discount... I have so many different kinds, and every Christmas I buy for my family, the candles and things.

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair.  We do home cuts at our house - Avril comes from a family of French hairdressers.  She just snips my fringe.  She's even been known to cut Kate Sylvester and Wayne Conway's hair.  As much as I would like to go to Stephen Marr I have a short attention span, I just can't sit in a chair for two hours.

This is my natural colour.  I'm quite a fan of the Moroccan hair oils especially in the summer, for the ends.  I wash my hair every second day.  At the moment I am using Redken because I just worked with Richard Kavanagh at the Kate Sylvester show in Sydney and he hooked me up with some.  My favourite is Bumble and Bumble which you can buy at Mecca Cosmetica, but it's around $55 for the shampoo and $55 for the conditioner.

I like to go to bed with freshly shampooed hair and wake up with good bed hair.  I never blow dry or curling iron or straighten - I could live out of a tent.

I use Jo Malone body moisturiser and Ecostore do quite a nice one, too.  I buy dusty grey Sephora nail polish in France for my toes - it's the only colour I like. I'm not really a massive Beauty Queen."

- As told to Julie Roulston