Dita Von Teese's transformation

01:33, May 31 2013
Dita Von Teese As A Teen
DITA NOW & THEN: Dita Von Teese has shared snaps of herself as a blonde teen back in the Eighties, showing just how different a burlesque-style glamour regime can make someone look.
Dita Von Teese As A Teen
DITA'S HIGH SCHOOL DAYS: Dita doing her best Heather Morris from Glee impression.

Model, actress, burlesque dancer, designer and the ex-Mrs Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese, 40, shared photos of herself in high school on her Twitter page last night, and there wasn't a red lipstick in sight on the blonde teen.

The star, who is a classically trained ballet dancer and has a room in her home dedicated to hats (as you do), is as famous for her retro image as anything else, and the photos of her in high school show just how dramatic her transformation has been.

The Michigan native recently said it takes "more like 300" products to achieve her distinct beauty look when asked what her three must-have beauty buys were, and she's said in the past that she loves full-noise 1940s glamour style so much because she believes that anyone can achieve it. 

"I didn't feel like I could relate to a lot of the modern images of beauty. Like, I can't get a tan. I don't have supermodel feature," she told CNN in 2012. "I think a lot of my fans feel the same way, like, my look - the lipstick and the curled hair and the lingerie and the red nails - it doesn't depend on age - you don't have to be young to have this look. You don't have to be thin. You can be any ethnicity. It's about the creation of glamour and about taking it into your own hands."