In my beauty bag: Emma Ransley

17:00, Jun 12 2013
Emma Ransley
AU NATURALE: "I’ve had a bit of a shift in my consciousness and I am trying to buy New Zealand-made and cruelty-free."
Beauty Products
BEAUTY TREASURES: Emma Ransley favours lesser known, organic products that are good for the environment.

Emma Ransley is one of those people that you feel like you should have already heard of.

Just four years out of her Massey degree (a Bachelor of Performance Design achieved with First Class Honours) she can claim credits like costume design for Kora’s ‘Drop Dead Killer’ and the headline new NZ work ‘Hui’ at the Auckland International Arts Festival, and as well as a Gold Medal for Costume Design from the Prague Quadrennial for Performance Design and Space.

Emma has been working for South Pacific Pictures as a wardrobe assistant, and recently spent three weeks in the Ureweras filming ‘White Lies’ by the producer and author of ‘Whale Rider’. It’s based on the Witi Ihimaera novella ‘Medicine Woman’ and is due to open in cinemas on 27 June. We caught Emma in her inner-city Auckland apartment and peered into her beauty bag.

"I try not to wear makeup every day, but I do wear makeup when I am going out, besides the supermarket. When I wear it, I like to have a lot of fun. I guess my approach to beauty comes down to what works well on my skin and keeps it healthy... natural, organic products.

"I’ve had a bit of a shift in my consciousness and I am trying to buy New Zealand-made and cruelty-free. I don’t think that we should sacrifice other creatures’ lives just for the sake of our beauty, and there are fantastic companies out there who are doing such cool makeup, that are cruelty-free. 

"Farmers is a really great place for New Zealand-made products.


"I gently exfoliate in the shower using a glove from Farmers or the supermarket. Out of the shower, I use Evolu toner - I leave it on for a minute and then I wash it off with cold water. Then I use Evolu rosehip oil if I am not going out for the day, or moisturiser with sunscreen, Evolu Protective Daycream SPF15, if I am going out.

"I use tinted moisturiser rather than foundation, and I use a little bit of concealer. Lots of mascara - I love mascara, although definitely just the top lashes. I am a big fan of the eyebrows at the moment, so I use a pencil that is for dark blondes, to fill my brows in a little. I use a little bit of cream blusher and a tiny bit of powder on my nose and forehead if I am going out for dinner or something like that.

"On my hair I use Organic Care shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket, and BabyLiss Argan oil. I don’t blowdry my hair and because I have so much hair, I have to plan to wash it and allow time for it to dry.

"I do straighten my hair sometimes. I don’t use a specific heat protection product, I find that the Argan oil protects it. I wear my hair up quite a bit - I like to keep it up at work - it feels a bit better and fresher if you are doing a 15-hour work day.

"I use St Ives body lotion, and as far as sunscreen goes, I use whatever is going at the house. I always use a high SPF because I have such fair skin.

"My nails are usually natural but I love dark nail polish, I love black. I don’t use handcream as a rule, but sometimes if I am doing long hours at work breaking down costumes, handcream is a saviour. A great tip I learned on set is to apply any moisturiser all over your hands and then put on latex gloves and leave them on for half an hour to an hour. When you take them off your hands are amazing.

"I wear Alexander McQueen. He has only made one fragrance and you have to buy it online.

"When I go out, my job is dealing with worlds and creating characters and having a lot of fun. We bring people into existence who don’t really exist. So when I go out to dinner or to an event I really love to up the ante with makeup.

"I love bold lips. I use Lime Crime - they are a great company who I discovered through makeup artist friend.They are cruelty free and help animals all over the world. Their ‘Velvetines Red Velvet’ is a liquid that dries matte and is the best lipstick I have ever found. It stays on all day. Lime Crime do all the most amazing colours, their website is like a colour explosion.

"I also love the ‘60s, so I would do a big bold eye with nude lips, tease my hair into a beehive or some bold hairstyle and spray it with Tresemme hairspray. It’s all in the technique.

"To remove my makeup I use a warm facecloth to warm my skin, and then my Evolu toner as a remover. It works really well as I don’t use makeup like waterproof mascara. Then I use my roseship oil again, and Trilogy eye cream - it’s a must in my routine, day and night."