Barbie gets a real-woman makeover

05:53, Jul 03 2013
Barbie with real-life proportions
SIDE BY SIDE: Nickolay Lamm has made a Barbie that uses the average proportions of a 19-year-old girl - and she looks great. Shall we all just agree that this is the toy little girls should be playing with?
Barbie with real-life proportions
THE STAGES: The white model is the real-girl Barbie before she's been to the tanning salon and had her hair-did.
Barbie with real-life proportions
BARBIE GOT BACK: Well I know which Barbie Sir Mix-A-Lot would prefer.

In her 54 years, the leggy blonde that is Barbie has inspired love, controversy and even imitation (from the slightly odd this to the just plain disturbing this).

But an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania suggests that we should be focusing on a revision of the classic Mattel doll.

Nickolay Lamm has recreated a typical blonde Barbie, but at the average proportions of a 19-year-old American woman (he took the measurements from the Centre for Disease Control). And you know what? Real-girl Barbie looks amazing. 

The project was at first an experiment to see what the difference would be, but after the toy was created Lamm discovered that the average American 19-year-old female figure looks great in plastic toy form, so then why aren't these measurements just used by Mattel? 

"A lot of people say we shouldn't criticise Barbie because she is a toy," Lamm explained to us. "However, if there's a small chance that it's negatively affecting young girls, and if normal Barbie looks awesome, why not create normal Barbie?" Touché.

In fact, Lamm says he thinks, his version looks "even better than Barbie in its present form".


His take on Barbs has a much wider neck, shorter legs, a waist that's less years-of-corset-torture and a head that's not so lollipop (although her stomach still looks like she's putting in a good 500 crunches a day).

This isn't Lamm's first make-toys-less-crazy-looking project, another removed the makeup from the popular toys of today to see what they would look like fresh faced. The overall conclusion? They usually look better too (the Bratz doll is seriously Dame Edna in the 'before').

Speaking of real-life Barbie dolls, check this out - number eight made me snort out my sparkling feijoa in a fit of hilarity.