In my beauty bag: LeeAnn Yare

SUPER WOMAN: We're amazed at how much LeeAnn fits into her day - these are the tools that means she can get ready in minutes.
SUPER WOMAN: We're amazed at how much LeeAnn fits into her day - these are the tools that means she can get ready in minutes.

LeeAnn Yare is a pilot, an interior designer, owns a retail store, is Mum to a four-and-a-half year old and a six year old, and is "secretly stoked" to have just hit our television screens as a judge on Mitre 10 Dream Home. 

She does so much that it seems a bit obvious to make any wisecracks about overachieving. had coffee with her at Bloc, the Mt Eden complex that houses her store Collected by LeeAnn Yare, and had a chance to peer inside the beauty bag of a truly busy woman...

"I wear makeup every day, at different levels. I have my standard daytime look which is a bit more natural, and then I have my evening look. I'm so busy with the travel and everything else that I'm all about quick and easy products that work for me. If I can't get out of bed for a 4.30am start and be able to walk out the door 30 minutes later, showered, dressed, hair and makeup done, then I'm not interested.

When I'm flying I wear my everyday makeup.

In the morning I have a hot shower - it's my little time out, it's peaceful and I can think about what I have to achieve in my day. I clean my face with water (I do have a scrub I use regularly) and then I apply my sunscreen, Neutrogena Clear Face SPF30, and moisturiser. 

Then I apply M.A.C Prep + Prime... I'll never give it up. It gives my makeup so much more longevity. When I'm flying for an 11-hour stretch there is no time for a touch up. Once it's on at 4.30 in the morning, it's got to last till 4.30pm in the afternoon.

For foundation I use M.A.C Studio Fix in a powder compact. It's easy and quick; I can literally have my foundation done in under a minute. If I want my makeup a little heavier for evening or filming, I use liquid Studio Fix underneath and then apply the powder over the top.

I use eye pencil and Maybelline mascara. I've tried lots of different Maybelline mascaras and they are all well-priced and fantastic. I think I was given the first one I tried in a goodie bag somewhere.

I'm absolutely hopeless at eyeshadow, but it's a skill I'd love to have. If I am going out or for TV, I highlight with a little off-white, pearly highlighter under my brow and I extend my brows with eye pencil.

I use a little blush, and my go-to lipstick is M.A.C 'Modesty' - it's the perfect nude with a little bit of pink. If I want to oomph it up I can use a liner that has a little bit more colour.

I can put my hair up in two minutes. My guilty pleasure is that I have it blowdryed once a week at Rodney Wayne in Mt Eden. I only have to wash 1-2 times in between, depending on the season and what I am doing.  I use L'Oreal Vitamino shampoo and conditioner as they prolong my colour.

I use Sebastian and it's my absolute all-time secret fabulous product - Shine Define hairspray and Liquid Gloss de-frizz polishing serum. I have thick, curly, unruly hair and I have tried a zillion products over the years, and Sebastian is just fantastic. It's weighty enough, but I can restyle my hair without dealing with residue. My go-to up-do is a messy bun, it seriously takes about 10 seconds. Or a pony tail for work - I wear a hat and you can only have volume at the base of your head.

I love my ghds to touch up my hair, or to style it myself when I have to - to straighten it or do curls (my hairdresser taught me how).

On my body I am using a beautiful French milled soap that we sell in my store - it's $7 a bar and it lasts right down to the the last tiny little bit. I use Palmers Cocoa Butter body moisturiser and hand cream, and when I fly to Fiji I run into Duty Free and stock up on Pure Fiji - I am using mango at the moment.

I wear perfume every day and I wouldn't not, because I believe if you have something lovely you should get joy out of it every day. At the moment its Narciso Rodriguez For Her - I've been wearing that for quite a while now.  Even at the end of the day people comment on it. But it's not too overpowering on the flight deck, it's not going to give the other guy a headache.

My nails are my downfall... I'm too busy to maintain them and I hate that manky look so unless it's for special occasion I prefer to keep them natural or just wear a coat of clear nail polish. But I get a pedicure about once a month, I mean - $20 at the mall! It's not like it's out of reach - usually a bright, fun colour.

At the end of the day I mostly use M.A.C wipes to get everything off. I moisturise but I've yet to find the perfect night cream for me that's not too heavy - I'm currently using a tiny La Prairie sample from a goodie bag.

I feel better about myself with a little bit of makeup on. I think I look better, it evens out my skin-tone and that sort of thing. It's worth the five minutes it takes as it makes me feel good all day.

- As told to Julie Roulston