Olivia Munn's secret anxiety

17:00, Jul 23 2013
Olivia Munn
LASH ISSUE: Olivia Munn admits that she pulls out her eyelashes when anxious.

Her ballsy, straight-talking character in The Newsroom and the fact that she once said this about herself - "it's a very antiquated idea to think that you can't be pretty and smart and funny" - had us thinking that 33-year-old Olivia Munn was a barrel of girl-power self-confidence.

But no, it turns out that even the comedic actress has insecurities, and suffers from a serious social anxiety problem - and one that has a pretty crazy side effect.

"It's called trichotillomania," Munn told People of the condition that makes her pull out her own eyelashes - so much so that she has to carry around falsie lash bands that give the illusion of lashes.

Olivia Munn
HER LOVE: Olivia with her Swedish boyfriend Joel Kinnaman.

"It's the same thing as people who bite their nails," the star spilled, adding that it's exacerbated by social situations. "If I were to walk into someone's birthday party, I'd have a bad anxiety attack."

The star, who was raised in Tokyo, Japan (remember when Sloan Sabbath whipped out fluent Japanese in season one?) and is now dating Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, says she has a trick to help conceal her lack of lashes.

"I just created my own little lash-band with individuals," she says, adding that she has a powder mix she applies to her eyelids to help the false lashes adhere.


And the rest of the actress' beauty routine? It's pretty simple.

The Oklahoma native - who is of Chinese-German and Irish descent - says she relies on just "a good lip balm [her favourite is by Body Shop] and a hair tie" most days.

Plus, she always makes sure not to conceal her natural beauty, and is proud of her signature freckles (and so she should be): "I've had them since I can remember... it's just my skin. I don't like it when people try to cover them up!"

Love her. PS: There are loads of odd Olivia Munn videos floating around YouTube, like this one in which she seems to experience a thousand emotions in 10 seconds; this one in which she brings the Vietnamese action, this one in which she has a business class panic attack and this one in which she appears to be approaching kebab-o-clock. Oh, plus plenty of others that aren't quite SFW (let's just say she has a mouth like a trucker).