Jennifer Lopez slams surgery claims

02:04, Nov 07 2013
Jennifer Lopez
RAVAGES OF TIME: Jenny from the Block of 1996 alongside Jennifer Lopez today - natural ageing or something more?

Jennifer Lopez insisted on telling us just how genuine she was in her 2001 single 'I'm Real', and it turns out she's stayed true to her word.

The 44-year-old star took to Twitter this week to squash speculation she had gone under the knife after a British plastic surgeon suggested she had work done to her face.

Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi, a 'facial plastic and laser surgeon' based in London, tweeted a split-screen photo of the singer and wrote, "These before and after pics of @JLo show many signs of #plasticsurgery - naturally pretty but now looks amazing."

In the first image J-Lo is wearing little or no makeup, whereas the comparison shows her fully made up in what is clearly a professional photo.

Firstly, let's just stop for a second and laugh at the way this supposed 'professional analysis' includes a hash-tagged 'plastic surgery' in his allegation - it doesn't quite scream authority, does it?


J-Lo however, didn't see the humour in his claim, and took to Twitter to voice her response.

"@DrAyoubi Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact," she wrote to the surgeon and her 25 million plus Twitter followers.

Dr Ayoubi has since followed up with two separate apologies after receiving flak from fans of Lopez, writing in one: "Dear @JLo I wonder if you can accept my sincere apologies about the wrong tweet which was written by my assistant without my knowledge...."

Hmm, let's just hope his poor assistant doesn't get fired for his/her 'mistake'.

J-Lo has reiterated just how happy she is with her appearance many times in the recent past.

"You have to stand up and say, 'There's nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am; you're the one with the problem!' And when you can really believe that, all of a sudden other people start believing too," she told the latest issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas.

So, do you think J-Lo is as 'real' as she claims to be?