In my beauty bag: Anna Reeve

20:31, Nov 16 2013
Beauty Bag: Anna Reeve
A FEW OF HER FAVOURITE THINGS: While Anna doesn't love applying bright eyeshadow herself, she's a colourful lippie girl through-and-through.
Beauty Bag: Anna Reeve
MUST HAVE: Anna wears eyeliner every day because, suffering from alopecia, she doesn't have eyelashes.
Beauty Bag: Anna Reeve
THE BALD, THE BEAUTIFUL: There's no 'and' needed here, Anna's a stunner with and without her on-trend, bangs-and-all wig.

A former model and TV presenter, 27-year-old Anna Reeve is also an alopecia universalis sufferer, and so she has no hair, eyelashes and eyebrows - which means her beauty routine involves some unique tricks!

Reeve works in PR, but is also involved with the global Alopecia mission, and she is soon to have twin boys with her husband, radio DJ Jay Reeve. We met up with the lovely lady to chat beauty and hairlessness ... 

"I wear makeup every day. During the week it's a bit more of a full on look. I've worn eyeliner everyday without fail since I was about 14, because I don't have lashes - otherwise you look a bit one-dimensional. 

Beauty Bag: Anna Reeve
CONGRATS: Anna and her radio DJ hubbie Jay Reeve are expecting twins.

There are days I go 'bare face' and don't put any foundation or powder on, but always, always eyeliner.

Freedom Hair in Dunedin make my wigs. They are the best in the world - they use vacuum technology to make wigs specifically for individuals with permanent har loss. It takes fifteen 14" ponytails to make each of my wigs. To wash them I need really moisturising shampoos and conditioners because the hair gets no natural oils.

I've long been a big fan of Redken All Soft and O&M, which smells delicious and is all-natural. I use Redken Diamond Oil for my curlier wigs. I wash them like you do, in the shower on my head, but I hate doing it because I am lazy. 


I only have to wash them every two weeks and I use Redken Powder Refresh in between. I style them on my head, it's much easier - but if I wash a wig at night I can put it on the stand that I have, brush a straight one straight or scrunch a curly one up and let it dry overnight, they come out perfectly. You don't have that movement that creates flyaways that every one else has.

In the morning I shower, and cleanse my face with Kiehl's Epidermal Retexturising microdermabrasion - my Dad had it in his shower and when I was housesitting I used and loved it. Your skin feels ridiculously soft, and you don't have to dive through layers of dead skin before you apply treatments.

Then I use a Rare Earth cleanser from Kiehl's and I change it up with a Dr Haushka cleansing milk. I think skin and hair shouldn't get used to products. A bit like what you do with your body at the gym - don't do the same thing over and over again or it doesn't work as well.

After cleansing I use serums - Dr Haushka Rejuvenating Serum or, at night, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Oils always freaked me out but when you put an oil on at night it makes your skin feel amazing the next morning.  There's no fear of breaking out or being too oily.

I haven't started using many anti-aging products. I don't use eye creams yet but I probably should, I think I have noticed my first hints of wrinkles. But I was really lazy about even cleansing and moisturising until a couple of years ago.

I moisturise with Dr Haushka Rose day cream, or Kiehl's Acai damage correcting moisturiser, although it's being discontinued so I have to find a new one!

To work I wear foundation, or if I am feeling under the weather or I run out of time I might just powder. My all-time favourite foundation is Face and Body from M.A.C. I don't have lots of pigment or scarring so don't need thick foundation. 

I also use M.A.C. Mineralize, and also since working here I've started using L'Oreal Infalllible - it has a brush in the end so it's good for travelling). If I need concealer I put it over the top of the foundation so it doesn't build up too thick; I was told to do that when I was modelling. 

I set with powder - M.A.C. Mineralize or L'Oreal Infallible SPF 12. Then blush (sometimes I forget!) then eyeliner.

I use M.A.C Boot Black liquid eyeliner on my upper lid and a kohl pencil on my bottom lid. When I know I am going swimming in summer I use a M.A C eyeliner that sets like rubber and doesn't come off.

Eyeshadow is for the weekend if I am going out. I do a neutral smokey eye, nothing too crazy. But if there is an event and I am getting my makeup done, I sit in the chair and say 'do what you want'. 

Colour doesn't freak me out but I'm not good enough to do it at home.

I'm a bright lipstick girl - my bag has 20 rolling around in it any time.  Pinks, reds, plums, purples, oranges.  I get laughed at at airport security.  

My perfume is Issey Miyake. My Mum used to wear it when I was young and it reminds me of her. Because I don't shave my legs they don't get dry, but I use Kiehl's Cream de Corps and I do use an exfoliating glove or a sea salt scrub on my legs.

Sophie at S&P nails does my Colorgloss every two weeks - without the Colorgloss they just bend and break. I do my toes myself or occasionally get them done at the mall. Sometimes I take the husband with me and make them do his feet. He's like, "$25 to get my feet rubbed, they cut my toenails and I can read a man magazine!"

In summer I wear an SPF 50 M.A.C primer under my foundation. I like nice-smelling sunscreen for my body, like Banana Boat, but this year I would like to go more natural with sunscreen and I've started using natural deodorant... being pregnant makes me more aware of things I am putting on my body.

I'm not obsessed with cosmetics but I do love them ...I'd hate it if someone said, 'No-one's going to make makeup any more."

- There is a shortage of hair for medical wigs; 16,000 ponytails a year are required to maintain the number of wigs currently needed. If you are interested in donating or selling hair, which has to be a minimum 14 inches and 'virgin'/not dyed, permed nor chemically straightened, you can contact Anna at

- As told to Julie Roulston