In my beauty bag: Rose Matafeo

FUNNY LASS: Rose Matafeo says her hair naturally looks like Diana Ross' on a humid day.
FUNNY LASS: Rose Matafeo says her hair naturally looks like Diana Ross' on a humid day.

Rose Matafeo is a Samoan/Scottish/Croatian Billy T award-winning comedian (the honour recognises up-and-coming New Zealand comedians with outstanding potential). Until recently you may have seen the 21-year-old hosting U Live, well she's now a contributor on Seven Sharp and Jono and Ben at 10 (and, just quietly one of Stuff Life & Style's picks for funniest women in the biz'). 

We met the vintage-loving former Auckland Girls Grammar head girl in her local coffee shop and asked her about beauty.

"I wear makeup mostly at work, on-stage, on shoots and when I want to look nice. Other than that I try go most of my time without it or use it sparingly. I'd rather people know what I look like without makeup so they don't freak out when they see me! 

I was pretty late to learn how to use makeup and do my hair - my mum never wears makeup and has dreads so she didn't have much to teach me as a teen!  She did bless me with pretty manageable skin though, as well as encouraging me to go natural whenever I could.

I shower and moisturise in the evening so in the morning I go straight to M.A.C Studio Fix Powder, a little bit of Clinique natural-coloured eye shadow, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, Lancome mascara and a natural M.A.C lipstick.

I only exfoliate when I go to my Mum's and she has something nice!  

I used to have really crazy curly, frizzy hair. I get it chemically straightened nowadays which makes it so much more manageable. I do miss my curls, but after 19 years of looking like Diana Ross on a humid day, I was ready for something different!

Because of what I put my hair through I have to put back as much moisture as possible. I use Redken shampoo and conditioner, a Pureology protein spray thing after I've washed it and I rely on Batiste dry shampoo (I can't wash my hair more than 2-3 times a week or it gets too dry).

I usually curl my hair a bit with a hot curler - and I am trying to learn how to curl with my mint green ghds.  I want to look like Mary Tyler Moore all the time so apparently I need a bit of hot roller action.

I don't always wear perfume but when I do it's usually Moschino Cheap and Chic! Love. 

I wear St Ives, Palmers cocoa butter and sunscreen on my body - although I'm brown I hate to burn.  I keep my nails short and I don't paint them because I am so bad at it.

At night my makeup is pretty much the same as for day, except I'll maybe wear a fun bright orange or red M.A.C lip colour, and perhaps go a bit more overboard with the liquid eyeliner flicks. 

Everything comes off at bedtime with a makeup wipe and eye makeup remover. I wash my face with Cetaphil, then moisturise with a light oil-free moisturiser. And that's me!

I think that makeup should really enhance what you already have rather than cover everything up." 

- As told to Julie Roulston