In my beauty bag: Julia Matthews

21:23, Dec 04 2013
In my beauty bag: Julia Matthews
NATURAL PATH: Julia prefers organic, reduced-toxin beauty products.
In my beauty bag: Julia Matthews
THE NON-NEGOTIABLES: A collection of Julia's favourite products including metallic blue Butter nailpolish, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Manuka Doctor CC Cream.

Julia Matthews, 27, is studying to be a naturopath and, with her sister, is a co-founder of wellness and beauty website

Back in New Zealand after she spent some time living in Sydney, we caught Julia on her way to her part-time job in communications and asked her to share her beauty routine.

"I wear makeup pretty much every day, but it ranges - if I've just had a spray tan and I have uni or work I won't wear any makeup at all because my face will be brown. In the weekend if I am going out with girlfriends or out to dinner I'll wear makeup but during the day a little bit or not at all.

In the morning I have a shower and cleanse with Manuka Doctor. When I wash my hair I use Original & Mineral. I blow-dry my hair or let it dry naturally, depending on where I am going,

I sometimes tan myself at home with Ecotan - once a week around spring/summer until I get my natural colour.

I'm part-Maori so I get quite dark naturally. I don't use a lot of sunscreen - mostly on my face - but I don't let myself burn. If I am at the beach I'll be under an umbrella. Wearing sunscreen all day - well that's your main source of Vitamin D so I prefer to omit the sunscreen.


Having a tan makes me feel better, like I don't have to wear as much makeup.

I have my brows waxed and I have a clear brow gel that I got at The Body Shop to comb them into place because they are quiet thick and wild - they are dark so I don't have to get them tinted.

I get my hair done at Stephen Marr using O&M colours - I've been every hair colour under the sun but for the past year I have been trying to get back to my natural colour. It's kind of a mousy brown so I get a few blonde highlights put in it.

I put on some Manuka Doctor tinted moisturiser and if I am looking a bit tired I will wear Eye of Horus mascara and Ecolips lip gloss.

Chipped nails are my pet hate so I am forever polishing them, probably twice a week. If I am lucky enough I'll get them done, but being a student I don't have the luxury as much. I've tried shellac and it ruined my nails so I prefer a good base coat. I love Butter London colours or I will use OPI if I'm at a nail bar.

I've had lasering under my arms and on my bikini area and I'll eventually get my legs done - it's amazingly cheap in Australia.

My No 1 fragrance is Narciso Rodriguez, with Marc Jacobs Daisy or Flowerbomb, on rotation.

For a special occasion - in Sydney I was going to events all the time because of who my partner was - they have lots of blow-dry bars, you get some for $39 so I was going once a week.

I'm hopeless at doing my own makeup - I own one eye shadow and one eyeliner - so I go to M.A.C and get it done for me. I would prefer to go to a natural brand - organic and not tested on animals - but there's nowhere you can go to get your makeup done.

When I get home at night I wash my makeup off - it's the first thing I do. Then I coat my face or even my whole body with coconut oil. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties so it helps reduce breakouts and keeps my skin really moisturised (I also use it as a hair mask).

Libby and I started our website as a way of sharing recipes with all our family and friends and it grew from there.

We really want to keep it true to us and who we are so we write about products that we would use or do use ourselves. If there is a natural alternative that is better for you and it costs the same, why wouldn't you use it? We try to educate readers on why you should be reducing your toxic load and how it can wreak havoc on your hormones and your endocrine system.

We really like promoting New Zealand and Australian brands, we think that's really important.

I'm all for cosmetics if they make you feel better or boost your confidence. Some days you'll wake up and you've had a big night and you don't look your best, so putting on a bit of mascara or lipstick can completely change how you feel.

Superficial as that sounds, I'm pretty sure people will agree with me.

A manicure, an eyelash tint - if it makes you feel better, go for it!"

- As told to Julie Roulston