In my beauty bag: Leilani Momoisea

LOW KEY: Leilani Momoisea wears makeup to big events, but tends not to don much day-to-day.
LOW KEY: Leilani Momoisea wears makeup to big events, but tends not to don much day-to-day.
HER FAVOURITES: Cult product Cetaphil is her go-to moisturiser, but for treats, she loves M.A.C.
HER FAVOURITES: Cult product Cetaphil is her go-to moisturiser, but for treats, she loves M.A.C.

Leilani Momoisea is a 29-year-old Radio New Zealand journalist, a blogger (Lani Says) and is engaged to her longtime partner David Dallas (she's also one of the most naturally warm and lovely people we've ever met *gush*). 

We caught up with Lani at hipster hotspot Dizengoff at the end of her 5am shift and asked her about her beauty regime: 

"I guess I only wear makeup for bigger social occasions ('cause no one wants to feel like they look bad around heaps of people) or if I get called up to go to a casting - I do a little bit of modelling but mostly for TV commercials and stuff. But, generally I'm too lazy to wear makeup.

If I'm going to an event with David, I definitely make more of an effort, purely for vanity reasons. I know we may get asked to take a photo together, so I try to look good, and will wear makeup for that. But when it's just us hanging out like going to the movies or lunch or something, I rarely bother with make up. 

I was really happy with the recent Metro cover [Leilani was its star] - I really liked it because the makeup was quite natural - even though it's always nice to be super glam, I liked that I looked like myself.

I usually wash my face in the shower with water, but I've started using this Skinfood exfoliating thing when I remember. I moisturise with Cetaphil - massive bottles that you can get at the pharmacy and you can use on your face and your body. I've been using the Skinfood moisturiser too, I've been carrying it around with me because my skin can get quite dry during the day. 

Quite a few years ago I went to a dermatologist and I went on Isotane for my skin - drugs to improve your skin - people with really bad acne generally use it. I didn't have really bad problem skin but I was unhappy and thought I would go on it for a few months and do something about it - it made a huge difference. 

I only took it for nine months, but if I was ever to get bad skin again I would do it again. It was just hormonal, though diet definitely has something to do with it.

I wash my hair with whatever is in the house and if I have enough time I will dry it and then straighten it with a ghd (I use the ghd heat protecting spray) - if I don't I'll chuck it up in a topknot.  If I don't straighten it, it's a massive afro. When I have long hair I wear it natural but the New Zealand climate isn't great for it because it's not curly - it's something between so it's just kind of big, really.  

I usually leave my brows quite natural - I only just got them done the other day at Benefit, but normally I just let them grow and be bushy.

I almost never do my own nails nor have them done, but I've painted my nails with Essie Nice is Nice - and they are still on! That's quite the achievement!  Toes - I'm wearing Essie as well - Ballet Slippers - I did them myself too!  I normally get other people to do them because I'm not very good, but I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not very good at any of the girly stuff, I'd rather sleep an extra hour than put my makeup up on and do my hair.

My perfume is Marc Jacobs Oh So Fresh! I'm lucky that I blog about all these things or else I'd never remember what I wear or what I do.

If it's a really special occasion I will get someone else to do my makeup, but otherwise I have a little bag that I carry with me all the time just in case. It has: Benefit Porefessional - actually my favourite thing - I love how it feels when I put it on my skin; M.A.C Studio Moisture tint; M.A.C bronzing powder; YSL Touche Eclat for under my eyes after my 5am shifts and over blemishes (I've been using it for years); M.A.C blush; a M.A.C eyeshadow quad in earthy/naturals; Benefit 'They're Real' mascara and M.A.C liquid eyeliner. 

I always wear M.A.C Pro Longwear 'For Keeps' on my lips - it's liquid but it stays on forever. For night I might wear M.A.C 'Russian Red' or a darker brown but generally I like more nude lips.

A lot of what I use - the Benefit, the Skinfood - I was given as a gift or to trial  but I hang on to what I like and I rebuy them when they have run out. All the M.A.C I've bought myself.  It's taken me a while to build up my collection as I'm not much of a makeup person - I think these will be my staples now.

I'm fairly ambivalent about cosmetics because I don't think I am particularly good at doing my own makeup so it doesn't fill me with any huge sense of excitement. After a 5am show, makeup is more just to look normal sometimes! If I knew how to do my makeup properly I'd be a little it more into it." 

- As told to Julie Roulston