The perfect female face

02:46, Dec 12 2013
The perfect female face
ACCORDING TO MEN: We're getting Ivanka Trump meets Real Housewife Brandi Glanville vibes.
The perfect female face
ACCORDING TO WOMEN: Monica Bellucci meets Nina Dobrev with a dash of Rachel Weisz perhaps?

Ever looked at a celebrity and thought 'Oh, wow she has the perfect (insert facial feature here)!'

Turns out you're not the only one.

A new survey commission by makeup group Escentual prompted men and women to build their version of an ideal female face using features from famous women across the world.

The interesting part is the comparison between the ideal woman, according to men, and the ideal woman, according to women: similar in some ways, but with a few key differences.

Apparently, men preferred blondes (like Shakira), while ladies went for a darker hue.

Males also supposely favour small noses, big lips and Kate Middleton's perfectly coiffed eyebrows, whereas females are drawn to dark hair, a stronger nose, narrower bone structure and model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne's bushy brows.


The most popular celebrity features across the board? Both men and women have agreed that Mila Kunis has ideal eyes and Megan Fox has the perfect chin - who would've thought?

High cheekbones were predictably popular, and Angelina Jolie made more than a few appearances, particularly for men.

But let's be honest, these Frankenstein mash-ups look like only slightly different types of plastic, and it's safe to say that both of them are equally creepy.

It could be the unfinished photoshop job, the abrupt hair, or the inexplicable diamond earrings on the blonde - but it certainly proves that each woman whose features are named is actually much more beautiful than the composite.

So where's the men's one? Which features do you think should be blended together to create the 'he' version?