Star flips off the mani cam

02:38, Jan 13 2014

Elisabeth Moss is the boss.

E!'s mani-cam has, to us, represented the impending nature of doomsday for far too long, and finally someone has shown that silly little contraption the respect it deserves.

The 31-year-old flipped the bird inside the tiny fake red carpet, causing host Giuliana Rancic to fly swat her hand away.

Moss did warn the E! presenter, however. "I did this last time," she told Rancic as she was about to put her fingers in the ridiculous box. "There's something I wanted to do last time, but I'm not going to do it."

"Do it! C'mon, do it! This is E! We're in 160 countries!" Rancic replied, obviously not suspecting the Scientologist actress would give the world the middle finger. 

"You said do it!" Moss replied post action. 

The Mad Men star also shocked when accepting her award for best actress for Top Of The Lake, with censors having to bleep out her excitement: "Holy ****".