In my beauty bag: Janine Foster

20:54, Jan 22 2014
GLAM AND GORGEOUS: Janine during a photo shoot (left) and, more natural but still perfectly-groomed at home (right).

Janine Foster, a.k.a. Janine and the Mixtape, is only 24, and yet recently described her as 'garnering buzz across the board with her smoky vocals'.

From West Auckland, Janine writes and produces her own soulful R&B tunes, and in June last year released her first E.P 'Dark Mind.' 

Back in Auckland for a while from her current Brooklyn, New York home, we caught Janine on her way to work on some new music videos, and asked her about her beauty regime.

HER TOOLS: As Janine's beauty regime highlights, it's technique and craft and not the price of your products that creates a strong beauty look.

"I'm a big fan of natural beauty and letting skin breathe. I am also a fan of beauty products. I do my own hair and makeup for my performances - I learned how to do that from an early age through dancing - I grew up doing jazz ballet, hip hop and theatre. 

I was quite good at stage makeup when I was young so the girls would end up getting me to do theirs as well. It's funny though, because I am such a tomboy so it was always a big switch going from mud all over me at sports to makeup.

I also like painting, so I feel like doing makeup relates to that, especially with things like eyeshadow - it's quite fun to be creative with those blends.


In the morning I use a St Ives facial scrub in the shower. Then I'll put moisturiser on - I'm using a Neutrogena gentle skin one at the moment. If I'm sitting at home working on music I'll stay like that as long as I can. Sometimes I'll put my hair up on top of my head and wear big earrings for a 'natural' look.

Otherwise, I brush my hair and then I use ghds to either straighten it out or give it a bit more curl. For shows I like to make my hair a bit bigger so I'll curl it up quite a lot. I learnt some good techniques like teasing on a photo shoot recently. 

I wash my hair every couple of days with whatever's closest to hand; I think it's quite nice to shift it up every now and again. You might alternate between one nice shampoo and one cheap shampoo. For a show I use a little bit of hairspray but I like the clean feeling where I can run my fingers through my hair.

If I am going out, especially for a photo shoot, I'll start with Thin Lizzy concealer (very good at hiding bags under my eyes after staying up all night working on music); and then foundation (currently Sacha creme de foundation powder) and then I use Thin Lizzy bronzer as a contourer for my cheekbones, jaw, and on my neck to blend. I like to protect my face from the sun a lot but my body goes quite olive, I have some Maltese blood. Then I use a little bit of blusher to bring out my cheekbones.

Next, I use an eyebrow pencil to get my brows in good shape (I pluck them myself) and then apply my signature liquid eyeliner - the brand varies. I almost always do a cat's eye. I use an eyelash curler and mascara - at the moment it's a Revlon PhotoReady 3D volume.

For the dressiest events or performances I might use a powder highlighter and I love my M.A.C. lipsticks - I use any old lipliner and the M.A.C. colour on top - at the moment I blend Rebel and Woo to create a purple-y red. I wear false eyelashes from the $2 shop or the like.

Whatever nice moisturisers I am given for Christmas go on my body. I do my own nails. I was recently sent some Essie nail polish and I've been loving that - like with my lips, I've been combining a dark purple and a red layer and it gives a unique colour. Toes - only when I can be bothered.

I don't have a signature perfume. I was gifted a no-brand one that I've been using and it's really nice but I don't know what it's called!

I like to think that we are all beautiful but it's nice to sometimes enhance our features. I haven't been in a position to buy a lot of fancy products so I've learned to work with what I have." 

I really love... my Cococare cocoa butter lip balm from the USA - it's in every little shop for a dollar or two 

I really hate... too much makeup.

If I could wave a magic wand I would... have a full kit of really nice new makeup and a new straightener because mine is very broken. 

Here's one of Janine's songs, Dark Mind (she sounds like Beyonce meets Sia. Aka, solid):

- As told to Julie Roulston