The world's most glam glitter

00:44, Feb 05 2014
POP OF GLITZ: With luminous skin and minimal lips, under-eye glitter provided just the right amount of fun at the Chanel show.

When it comes to metallic makeup, the general rule is to keep it low-key, especially as we get older.

We've long been told that fine shimmer particles and a touch of gleam from a sheer highlighter are much classier than chunky, garish glitter.

But when it's Chanel, it seems that every rule can be broken.

KILLER CONTRAST: Makeup artist Peter Philips used a bold line of black kohl on the upper lid to create the dark cat's eye look.

For Fall 2013, we saw Chanel's runway models sporting confetti-sized chunks of platinum glitter on their eyelashes and upper eyelids.

At the latest Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture show, models sparkled with a similar style of glitter - but this time underneath the lower lashes.

Somehow, the Chanel makeup artists manage to make it look impossibly glamorous, not juvenile.

Makeup artist Peter Philips used black liquid eyeliner as well as a kohl crayon to create the dark cat's eye look.

Underneath the eyes he used makeup glue and hologram glitter to create this iridescent eyeliner effect.(Unfortunately this is not part of the Chanel makeup range - you could hit up craft stores or try MAC's Glitter.)