In my beauty bag: Miriama Smith

BEAUTY LOVER: Miriama knows what she likes, and is loyal to a select few brands.
BEAUTY LOVER: Miriama knows what she likes, and is loyal to a select few brands.

Film and television actress, Miriama Smith, 37, most recently starred in Mt Zion, and is about to hit the boards during the New Zealand Festival in the Auckland Theatre Company's 'Paniora', a production about Maori Spaniards living on the East Coast. 

Mother of one-year-old son Rauaroha, Miriama was born in Rotorua, grew up in Porirua and did a sports degree at Waikato University.

She currently lives in Auckland, where we caught her after a trip to the Avondale market.

"I feel most beautiful when I am eating well, sleeping well and thinking positively.

I absolutely love cosmetics and beauty services.  I've learned to love them since being in Auckland and on television, and being introduced to all these beauty products and how you can feel so lovely.

In the morning I feed my son porridge and I go to yoga at the Yoga Sanctuary if I can - but at the moment I am rehearsing five days a week.  To get ready for yoga I have a cup of herb tea or lemon water, tie my hair back, and go.  I don't care what I look like because I come out feeling amazing.

After yoga and a shower I use Environ on my face - I believe in consistently using the same range together. 

I use their AVST cream cleanser; tone with their Evenescence clarifying lotion which helps with the occasional little bit of hormonal pigmentation I get, and then the AVST 5 moisturising cream, plus a magical little Environ eye gel that I use as well. 

I slap on their RAD sunblock and that's pretty much me if I am going straight into rehearsals.

If I'm going out and I want to feel a little bit presentable I use the Jane Iredale range - I'm all about minerals. 

I choose them for my skin's health - I like that I'm not wearing too much heavy stuff, as opposed to when I'm made up and under lights all day for work. 

I use the Warm Bronze Dream Tint - basically a tinted moisturiser - a little but of lip gloss - my favourite Jane Iredale one is called Bellini - with a nude Jane Iredale liner and then their Longest Lash mascara - it comes with a really good lash primer as well.

I groom my own eyebrows.

I wash my hair a couple of times a week - it takes all day to dry.  I'm currently using Tresemme - the new Keratin range that they have, I have found it really great. 

I haven't had my hair cut for a long time.  If I'm bored I will sit with a pair of scissors and cut my split ends myself.  I might put a rinse through once in a while to help with silver tones that pop in every now and then.  And I use a little Monoi oil - Biolage Matrix Exquisite Oil.

I do my own nails and they grow at a rapid rate, I'm always keen to keep them trimmed. 

When I have the time I like to throe to a bit of colour on them. Having babies - woah!  I'm stoked if I get to paint my nails.  I'm very conscious of painted toenails because at yoga you always have your shoes off, all year round.

If I am going to something really glam I love to have my makeup done, but otherwise I'll use some Jane Iredale Smooth Affair primer; their Glow Time BB cream which is quite heavy and gives me just enough coverage and set it with a little pressed powder and a spray of Jane Iredale Pommist which helps hydrate my skin, too.

Then I have this amazing Jane Iredale bronzer palette, 'Rose Dawn,' with four colours inside it, and I use it to highlight my  cheeks, and as a soft eyeliner. 

I avoid doing my own smoky eyes, let the pros do that!  I end up looking like a drag queen when I have to do them myself, if I'm not careful. 

I have a liquid eyeliner from Eye of Horus that's easy to apply, and I might wear a bolder lip for fun to be a bit more dramatic than my usual gloss. 

I have a M.A.C lipstick called Candy Yum Yum that I'm loving this summer when I feel like being a bit more girly.

For perfume, I tend to go for subtle oils.  Kama Sutra oil is my go-to generally or if I want something Heavier or more evening I wear Black Orchid - Tom Ford.

On my body I am using Garnier Intensive Seven Days Shea butter allover cream. 

Up until recently I used Bio Oil pre and post-pregnancy and breast feeding, and I have no stretch marks. 

If I'm going to a summer barbecue I make up a family recipe for mosquito repellant - 1 part Dettol, 2 parts baby oil.  I have the type of skin where I can be the only person who gets bitten.

I really love... a good smile.

I really hate... seeing women who have had far too much work done when they don't need it - someone's not telling them to stop.

If I could wave a magic wand I would... have my own massage therapist and my own makeup artist and my own stylist, all at the drop of a hat."

- As told to Julie Roulston