In my beauty bag: Aidee Walker

16:00, Feb 12 2014
IMBB: Aidee Walker
FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Aidee is a strict vegetarian and tries to stay away from dairy products and sugar as much as possible.
IMBB: Aidee Walker
HER TOOLS: Janesce skin products are a favourite of Aidee's, and she can't go past M.A.C and Nars for make-up.

Aidee Walker is a 32-year-old actress who has just hit our screens in brand new series 'Step Dave'. 

You may recognise her from her role as Draska in Outrageous Fortune or in the feature film 'How to Meet Girls from a Distance.' 

Last year she wrote, directed and starred in 'Friday Tigers' which won the New Zealand International Film Festival Best Short Film and Audience Choice awards. 

Aidee was born in Hamilton and after finishing Hamilton Girls' High School, she left at age 18 to come to Auckland and attend drama school at Unitec. 

We had a herbal tea with her in her '50s apartment in Herne Bay, and talked beauty...

"I'm quite a strict vegetarian so I am becoming more and more wary of animal testing of beauty products - I'm going to start being really conscious with what I use, from now. 


For years and years making a living as an artist, I was ambivalent about cosmetics and I would buy cheapest thing that looked natural from the supermarket. 

My mid-20s were more about just making sure I had sunscreen in my face. 

I'm into my 30s now and just recently a lovely, super-natural West Auckland beauty therapist, Julia O'Gorman, got me onto Janesce. 

Her skin looks so great for her age, I was happy to accept her recommendation, and it's great to use something that is really good for me.

A big part of skin care for me is also diet, hydration and flax seed oil. I really notice the difference when I'm taking my daily dose of flaxseed oil and I just love the taste of the Healtheries one so I chuck it on everything. 

I avoid dairy products and sugar as much as possible. It's so hard to do without sugar, but jeez it makes a difference with my skin as well as just general moods and well being! 

My current character is a beauty therapist so I have to be a little bit more careful than usual to have beautiful skin and spend some money on products. 

In the morning after my shower I do my two month-old routine. I have Janesce soaking drops which you apply with a muslin cloth, a hydrating mist, and a moisturiser - there's a gel for around your eyes too, when I remember. 

If I am going in to the studio they do my makeup, so that's all I do.

I wash my hair every 2-3 days or after a big run. I'm still on samples of Ecostore shampoo and conditioner. 

I've never dyed my hair so it's still in good condition and I can chop and change haircare brands. 

If I'm not acting, I'm usually writing so I just tie my hair back (I often don't even brush it!) I don't really blowdry it unless I am going somewhere. 

When I do my own makeup I start with Stila BB cream, or a Stila or M.A.C foundation for more coverage, or as a concealer on blemishes. 

I use a NARS blusher - 'Orgasm' - it's that shade that any person of any ethnicity can wear. 

I have NARS eyeshadows and a Stila liquid eyeliner (I was in Palm Springs and LA for work and I went to Sephora and bought the Stila and the NARS). 

I get my lashes tinted and I wear mascara when I need it.  I am using M.A.C - they sponsored a play I was in last year - or Maybelline 'Illegal Length'. 

I have my brows shaped and tinted - because of acting I need consistency.  

I tend to just lipbalm it, but if I am going out I stick to my NARS or a M.A.C softer orange red; 'Heatwave.' Lipsticks last me so long because I only wear it about once a week.  

I wear a Neutrogena SPF60 on my face and body. I used to get sunburnt as a kid and have melanoma in the family, so I don't want to burn.  

If I'm not acting, I have my toenails painted every once in a while. When I am acting I have to wear the same colour the whole series - this time it's an orangey red.

I have worn Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' for years. 

I really love... when people don't try too hard with their beauty, they don't feel like they have to cake their faces with makeup. 

I really hate... having to get a bikini wax all the time: I have to keep it up when I am working. 

If I could wave a magic wand... I would go back in time and wear more sunscreen as a child - on my nose. One time my Mum said if I burnt off one more layer of skin it would be down to the bone.  Or just fill in the hole in the ozone layer."   

- As told to Julie Roulston