In my beauty bag: Dr Libby Weaver

22:29, Feb 26 2014
Libby Weaver
SIMPLE SOLUTIONS: Dr Libby concocts her own fragrance-free facial oil from a combination of borage oil, almond oil and avocado oil to mimic the skin's natural sebum.

Doctor Libby Weaver (BHSc (N&D) (Hons) PhD) describes herself as a nutritional biochemist. 

She's a sought-after speaker and author of three books ('Accidentally Overweight', 'Rushing Woman Syndrome' and 'Beauty from the Inside Out') and cookbooks "Real Food Chef' and 'Real Food Kitchen.' 

Libby was born in Tamworth in country New South Wales, Australia 'with chickens and veggies in the back yard'. 

She studied at the University of Newcastle and was part of the team who started Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast Hinterland until she moved to New Zealand seven years ago to be with her now husband. 

We skyped Libby on the Gold Coast where photos are being taken for what will be her third cookbook.

"I am a person who wants to encourage people to do what spins their tyres. I don't look for that (beauty products and services) stuff very often but nothing beats a good blow-dry for me. That's my favourite thing to do in that kind of arena. If it makes you feel good then that's a beautiful thing.


In the morning I have a big glass of plain water and then I'll go to my shower. I don't cleanse in the morning - I just wash my face in the shower with plain water. 

Next I use toner and moisturiser - I don't have any 'brands' - they just must be organic or made from biodynamically grown ingredients - nothing that strips the natural oils.

If it's going to be a day with no makeup, after the toner I press oil into my skin. What I use depends what I feel like, I make a combination of my own: borage oil, almond oil, avocado oil - they're the main ones that I'll use - with no fragrance. 

I try to mimic sebum (that's me being my nutty professor self), I love the idea of supporting the skin's natural oil production.

A makeup day is if I am going out. I wear tinted moisturiser with sunscreen, bronzing powder (mineral based makeup), blush, lipgloss, and mascara - that takes five minutes max. 

I chop and change brands all the time but I don't use anything synthetic.  I will also press a rose fragrance oil across my heart, on my decolletage - I like the fragrance and I look looking after that skin.

I don't exfoliate, I don't use masques, and I last had a facial two to three years ago after a lot of long haul flying. 

My mother has just turned 70 and she has lines around her eyes from laughing but no lines elsewhere. My grandmother was the same even when she died at 96 so I am very aware that I am fortunate to have inherited good genes and a propensity for a nutrient dense diet. 

The reason I don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about my skin is because I eat so well.

I see a lady to do my brows and I am changing their shape at the moment which is a hilarious process. I had always done my brows myself and about nine months ago I met a really amazing makeup artist who suggested I went to this particular person.

I wash my hair once a week.  I have to colour my hair because it's going very grey so I do that about every four weeks because of how quickly it grows. 

I go to an Aveda salon - I've done a lot of research and they claim that they are 99% free of petroleum-based chemicals and synthetic ingredients. 

I do prefer to get my hair coloured in a salon rather than do it myself.

Natasha Radonich has been my hairdresser since I moved to New Zealand - she's my girl.  She has her own salon in Ponsonby and I feel like my life has changed when I walk out of her place.

I'm a bit naughty with manicures and pedicures - I really like them but I probably only go twice a year.  I'm really terrible at removing nail polish - I leave it on too long and it gets ratty.

For a special occasion I would take longer to do my makeup and I would get a blow-dry.  I would add some eye colour and eye liner and wear a stronger colour on my lips.  I really love getting my makeup done by a professional, but in all honesty I wouldn't do that except for a photoshoot.

All the beauty processes that people desperately want to undertake are driven by their nutritional status. 

The skin is an organ and it's the environment into which the skin cells are born that influence what the outside is going to look like - either plenty of nutrients or hardly any; stress hormones, fear hormones or love hormones. 

What we are trying to treat from the outside is is a dead layer and it's replaced every 28 days so when we step up and take better care of ourselves - in the way we eat,  drink, move, think believe and perceive - we can have a very quick impact on the outside layer because it's all brand new every 28 days. 

I'd like us to see the skin in a new light - as something to nourish rather than something to treat.

I really love...what eating amazingly does for my skin.

I really I don't remove nail polish when it needs to come off.

If I could wave a magic wand I would remind everybody of how precious they are and how precious life is and get them to treat themselves accordingly."

- As told to Julie Roulston

Dr Libby Weaver (BHSc (N&D) (Hons) PhD) is Australasia's superstar of all things health and nutrition, combining many years of experience, learning and clinical practice to her holistic approach to health. For more information and Real Food ideas, visit