Lorde nabs exclusive collaboration

06:06, Mar 11 2014
VAMPIRE CHIC: Lorde's unique look has scored her the kind of beauty collaboration many musicians can only dream of.

Not content to limit her reign of success to the music charts, Lorde is about to take the beauty world by storm.

Following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, the 17-year-old has nabbed an exclusive collaboration with MAC.

The cosmetics giant has announced it is working with Lorde on a limited edition make-up collection due out later this year.

Lorde's signature dark lips and razor sharp dip-dyed talons have become almost as famous as her soulful, lilting voice so it really was only a matter of time.

Of the collaboration, Lorde says: "I have loved MAC Cosmetics since I was a little kid. I remember saving up to buy my very first MAC lipstick at 14, and it was used by about 20 of my friends."

While no further details have been released, the collection is bound to be a reflection of Lorde's personal style.


She works frequently with MAC senior artist Amber Dreadon who helps her pick out the lip colours for on-stage looks and performances.

"MAC has a very clear aesthetic that has always felt fashion forward to me," says Lorde.

"I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night. I hope you will too."

We anticipate the range to be as much of a hit as her infectious tunes, so get in quick.

Check out the make-up mood board for Lorde's tour - a sneak preview of the collab perhaps?