In my beauty bag: Ashleigh Good

SO GOOD: Ashleigh Good walking for DKNY and on the cover of Vogue Italia.
SO GOOD: Ashleigh Good walking for DKNY and on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Ashleigh Good is one of New Zealand's most successful international models. 

The northern hemisphere Fall/Winter 2014 circuit has just finished in Paris, and it saw her walking for a dazzling array of big names: Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Valentino, Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela to name just a few.

All this from a girl discovered at a Mairangi Bay bus stop by the woman who would become her 'mother agent,' Rose Packard-Dube. 

Refreshingly, it seems the 22-year-old's meteoric rise has not gone to her head: she recently told CR Fashion Magazine that "a lot of girls carry on in this job and find themselves getting talked into doing things they don't want to do, but I know what I need, and I know how much I can take."

We sat down with her to find out a top model's beauty secrets ...

"I really love...'natural beauty'. I'm not big on skincare, my Mum always told me that soap and water works best.

As for fragrance, duty free gives you a new-found love and I have a few too many right now. Some favourites are by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel. 

Because I wear so much makeup for work, I like my skin to breathe. I only wear full makeup when I go out to a special event. When I'm home, here in NZ, I wear minimal natural makeup during the day, but not every day. 

I really hate "cake face" - less is more. I've learned from international makeup artists that if you want a much more natural foundation look, you use your hands to apply it.

In the morning I use Bioderma and a light moisturiser (La Roche Posay) for the day.  If I choose to wear makeup for the day, I'll curl my lashes, apply a little M.A.C. Lady Gaga Zoom Lash mascara, brush my eyebrows and use a bit of M.A.C blush to contour my cheeks. 

If I feel I need to cover dark circles or blemishes, I'll do that too with a NARS concealer.

If I could wave a magic wand, I would be able to do the perfect liquid eyeliner like my sister, Shannon.  

For evening lashes I use YSL Fake Lash Effect mascara in black or burgundy.  I have a Givenchy Mr Light highlighting pen.

In the evening I clean my face with Bioderma again (you'll be surprised how much dirt comes off again) and apply a heavier cream (the best creams to use are oil free and fragrance free) like Avene Cicalfate. If I've worn makeup I use makeup remover.

Because my hair is damaged from all the colouring that I've had to do for my job, and being overworked (especially during show season), I will apply a small mixture of L'Oreal Mythic oil, David Mallet serum and treatment through the ends of my hair after I have washed it.

I use Clarins body oil and I have a number of Chanel nail varnish shades.

I like cosmetics as they give you the tools to transform the way you look."  

- As told to Julie Roulston