Kim K's dramatic makeunder

We've all seen quite how much work it takes to look like Kim Kardashian (she looks like an extra in an off-Broadway Cats The Musical in the mid-contouring photo to the left)...  

But it also takes a lot of work for Kim Kardashian to transform herself into a sort of Julia-Louis-Dreyfus-in-the-Seinfeld-years meets The Nanny hybrid called 'Cynthia'. 

The 33-year-old star, who is as famous for her looks as she is anything else, donned facial prosthetics, a curly wig (we feel slightly insulted for curly-haired people), fake teeth and glasses in order to trick her fans into thinking she was just a frumpy old pleb. 

Appearing as 'Cynthia' on Oxygen's hidden camera show Celebrities Undercover, she joined fans at her office who thought they were interviewing to be her assistant. Apparently even sister Khloe was duped by the ruse (probably thinking, 'dang, that girl Cynthia looks like the secret 'Dash sister we keep locked up in the outhouse because she won't play ball'*).

*this is obviously not true

The difference is impressive, see but we're not seeing a reality TV Oscar in Kim K's future. Let's be honest, getting ugly is a key factor in winning one, but that spoken-nowhere-in-the-world fake accent  in the trailer certainly lets the team down.

Here's Kim K's transformation in all its GIF glory ...