An honest makeup tutorial

Anybody that is a member of Amy Poehler's Upright Citizen's Brigade improv troupe is a friend of ours. And UCB-er Akilah Hughes (of First Black Girlfriend fame) is definitely in our want to be BFF category, especially with this honest and entirely hilarious Youtube make-up tutorial.

You've probably watched one such tutorial in your time in your quest to make your face better than it actually is ... and then felt bamboozled and maybe a little disheartened as the self-professed guru does things with makeup brushes that make your head hurt.

Plus, as anybody who has had a makeover, tried on a wedding dress or cut their hair off and expected to look like somebody else would know, turns out, you will always look like you. Just with a bit more contouring. 

Hughes' tutorial however exposes the trickery of makeup tutorials, and gurus. As Hughes says, "I've been trying to make my face more attractive for 8 years so that makes me a beauty guru."

We also are grateful for Akilah echoing our thoughts on the mystery of primer,  "yeah I really don't think this does anything," the sense of satisfaction you feel when you do perfect cat-eye eyeliner, "look at that craftsmanship ... this is why you have a college degree" and her makeup techniques, "yeah pat that like a baby's ass."

Akilah drops brand names like a pro, has to pick off the stray hairs that (cheap) makeup brushes ALWAYS leave your on face and does some really great "establishing spots."

Oh, and spoiler alert, she is 100% gorgeous, pre and post tutorial.

Watch more of Akilah's videos here

- Daily Life