In my beauty bag: Jenny-May Coffin

EASY DOES IT: Jenny-May Coffin is all about fuss-free beauty.
EASY DOES IT: Jenny-May Coffin is all about fuss-free beauty.

Jenny-May Coffin, 39 for a couple more weeks at the time of writing, is a presenter and sports commentator for TVNZ, as well as a presenter on the 'Code' sports show on Maori Television and a netball commentator.  She grew up in the small King Country town of PioPio before moving to Auckland to work at TVNZ.

A former Silver Fern, Jenny-May has also represented New Zealand at touch rugby, but don't be deceived, she's much littler than she looks on the screen. 

The sports expert has a stunning tattoo along her spine that she says is not for everybody to look at, but for her to reveal as she chooses. Oh, and she possesses beautiful, naturally white teeth. 

We caught Jenny-May early one morning at the inner city studios, and talked to her about beauty routine.

"In terms of beauty products and services that you can buy, I fall somewhere between 'neutral' and 'interested'. 

I don't know if it is because of that sporting background where you're just kind of always doing things so never really think about your skin... I have been lucky to a certain extent  that my parents have got great skin.

As my mum has always told me, it's about the beauty inside as opposed to what's outside... which is interesting when I'm working in an industry where looks are very important for other people, I guess.

In the morning when I get up, I wash my face with a Jane Iredale magic mitt in the shower.  I don't put anything on the magic mitt.  After that I use an Environ AVST moisturiser - I haven't particularly looked after my skin and I just find it amazing.  (I'm not the sort of person who plugs things because someone says, "Oh you should try this," - I LOVE it).  Lastly I have an Environ sunscreen that goes over the top of the moisturiser, and that's it.

I wear mascara on a daily basis if I haven't had my lash extensions done, which I get as a treat for myself maybe every two months.  Apart from that I don't wear makeup unless I am going out for dinner or going to be on television.  I'm not one for heavy makeup, I don't necessarily like seeing it on people either - it's almost like a false cover.

I wash my hair every day (I'm using Kevin Murphy at the moment) because I'm training every single day and I just cannot stand the feeling of dirty, sweaty hair - I train hard! I let it dry naturally or throw it up in a bun, to get it out of my face. I don't use any product.

We have a stylist who cuts and colours our hair at TVNZ which is lucky because I'm completely grey and have been since I was at school.

I get my brows threaded for $5 out west somewhere and I go every three weeks to those little places in the mall to get my nails and toenails done, just normal polish. 

I've got ugly feet from playing netball for years so I like to attempt to hide all the blemishes. I never used to get my nails done when I was playing because they were always falling off!  As long as they were short, that's all I worried about.

My favourite perfume is Flower by Kenzo but unfortunately they don't make it anymore. Aside from that I just wear Victoria's Secret spray that you can get at the market.

If I was going out, my makeup would consist of M.A.C. foundation (really light in texture); L'Oreal eyeshadow (I have a quad with four natural tones in it and they're all lovely); eyeliner, and M.A.C lip gloss in a natural shade.

If I could wave a magic wand I'd have beautiful thick eyelashes. Because they can make such a difference to your appearance without wearing makeup."

- As told to Julie Roulston