'Don't risk dudeness' campaign causes uproar

01:48, Apr 09 2014

While we've come to expect a certain level of subtle stubble-shaming from hair removal advertisements, there are acceptable ways of selling waxes, razors and the rest to women - and this is most certainly not one of them.

Veet's latest campaign "Don't risk dudeness!" revolves around the idea that if a woman has any body hair at all, she becomes less of a woman. In fact - she risks turning into a man.

And it's not an out of control bush they're referring to, because, according to Veet the slightest prickle will do it.

In one of the ads, a women stretches her leg over her boyfriend in bed. He strokes it, recoils at the slight stubble he feels, and suddenly the person he thought was his girlfriend is revealed as a man.

'Yeah, I know, I'm a little prickly,' the actor says in a woman's voice-over. 'I shaved yesterday...'

Yes, you read that right - despite the fact that both men and women have body hair, the campaign reinforces a standard of beauty dictating that body hair is only for men.

And it doesn't stop there. The series of videos feature a similar scenario: a woman's hairy leg or pits are uncovered in front of someone else, she then transforms into a man, and the 'don't risk dudeness' stamp appears.


Criticism has poured in since the ads first aired on Monday in the US, with viewers branding them 'sexist', 'asinine' and 'shameful'.

People have even taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at the campaign, and we can't say we're surprised.


This is unacceptable. According to #veet I am a dude today. http://t.co/rtQzHDjX0T

I don't even know what to say. I think I've finally seen something worse than that 'Science, it's a girl thing' ad. http://t.co/ACsf3GARkL

I suggest that to counteract that vile, stupid, and actually sort of pathetic Veet ad, we all grow our leg hair and plait it.

I think the message to take from the #veet advert is, if your bf sees you as a "dude" for not shaving every day, dump him.

What are your thoughts on 'waxing the dudeness away'?