Miranda Kerr's beauty secrets

HER BEAUTY SECRETS: If she's doing it, sign us up. Where's our lip balm?! Pass us a cucumber!
HER BEAUTY SECRETS: If she's doing it, sign us up. Where's our lip balm?! Pass us a cucumber!

Meeting Miranda Kerr may seem like a nerve-wracking experience. Her list of accomplishments is impressive: model, mother, entrepreneur, and fashion plate - not to mention, she is exquisitely beautiful.

But, my worries were put at ease from the moment I sat down with her at a plush suite at the Crosby Hotel. She was bubbly and charismatic, complimenting my jacket and even offering to let me feel how silky her hair is (so you know, it's glossy and gorgeous).

We met because she is the brand ambassador for Clear Scalp and Hair, and she was quick to share the tips she learned shooting campaigns around the world. If you've ever wondered what Miranda's beauty routine is really like, here's a hint: the model and style star's beauty mantra is all about being all natural. 

Not only does Miranda DIY her own body scrub, she takes time out of her days to meditate and even sips on a healthy green juice during our chat. Read on to learn the beauty rules she never breaks, what she's packing for her US Summer travels, and details on the time she lost her weddingdress!

Right now, fun '90s trends like overalls and Birkenstocks, are back in style - are there any you would try?

Birkenstocks are something that I used to really love, and then I did a shoot for British Vogue, and I was wearing them, and I was like, "Oh! They're coming back." It looked really cool on the shoot, and I bought a pair. I just haven't rocked them out yet. And overalls are fun. I mean, I'm not opposed to them.

What is your thought process when putting together an outfit?

I try to make it practical for what I am doing. Comfort definitely plays a part. I'm a very tactile person, so I like to mix it up with different fabrics that feel good. Yesterday I took Flynn, and we went to lunch with a friend. Since I knew we weren't going to the park, I wore a little red kitten heel and a skirt, which was a little sheer but I had a bodysuit on underneath. And I had a stripe tank on and a denim jacket. So it's covered at the top but a little sheer at the bottom. And I had my big bag because I like a big bag.

Music festival season has started in the US, so for all the people who are packing up tiny suitcases and can't take everything with them, can you offer any advice?

If I'm going on a trip, I just take my carry-on with me because I don't want to check something in. So I have my staples, like I always have a black blazer with me, my favourite denim jeans, a great pair of pants, and then a great white tank - the basics. Also, I would always say a good pair of boots or heels. You need something that you can actually have fun in but you feel sexy at the same time, like a great dress or a long skirt. Find something that looks good on your body [rather than] following a trend. And then go with that.

What about for beauty?

The basics: cleanser, toner, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, rosehip oil . . .

You said you always like to carry on your luggage - has anything ever gotten lost?

Yes. My wedding dress actually.

What did you do?

Well, you can't really do much about it. You just have to let go.

Tell us how you looped up with Clear Scalp and Hair?

I've been using the products for quite some time now, and I really noticed a difference in my hair. It made it feel lightweight. Being in the industry for so many years, my hair has had a lot of damage. I feel like these products really nourish the scalp. They contain coconut oil and Nutrium 10, and they make my hair feel really strong and shiny at the same time.

How are you prepping for Summer beauty-wise?

Body brushing is very important. It detoxifies the system, gets the blood circulation going, and is really reenergising. It's one of my favourite rituals - I do it morning and night. I also love getting body scrubs. I exfoliate my skin every second day, and I wash my hair every second day. I use KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream, because it's gentle enough to use every second day, but it also really clears the dead skin cells so that the products can be penetrated.

Are there any DIY scrubs that you've tried at home?

I do a body scrub with sea salt and coconut oil. It's energising. Coconut oil is a great, very multipurpose [product] - you can cook with it! You can sleep with it in the ends of your hair. I also have a water filter on my tap at home, so that when we take baths the water is filtered. I put epsom salts in the bath - it feels so good. So I'll use my body scrub and then the bath, and I put rosehip oil on my body. I used to suffer from dry skin on my legs, but if you're exfoliating regularly and then applying body oil and body cream, it's really good for you

KORA Organics is your own line, what products from it are you excited about for Summer?

My staple products cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Having a routine for morning and night is very important, especially for busy people on the go. [KORA] is certified organic, which is a good balance since I live in a world where I'm constantly having a lot of products used on me. With the skin being the largest organ, it was important for me to have a certified organic skin care range. I wake up and my skin feels glowing and radiant.

Do you have any tips you've picked up from shoots that you still use?

Sometimes I put a little bit of lip balm, like, right here (pointing to brow bone), you can use it as a luminiser.

Around the edges of your eyes?

Yeah, it gives you a little glow. Another tip is cucumbers on the eyes, cold cucumbers on the eyes are really good. If you wake up and your eyes are feeling puffy, or you're exhausted, or you've just gotten off a flight and you have to go to an event or a dinner, just a couple of minutes with that cold cucumber feels really good.

What about before bed?

Before bed? Meditation. It's very important for me. Whenever I get a minute, I like to just focus on my breath and feel like being present is very important. Studies have been done on the benefits of meditation, the brain is so much more receptive to certain things, it's very healthy for the body, mind, and spirit.

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