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So this is what perfect looks like?


If you ask men and women what they think the perfect body is, you're going to get two very different answers.

On the Brazilian mullet


Yes, there's a new hair-down-there trend and, well, we're struggling to get our heads around it.

When someone calls you ugly...

Leandra Medine

Since when did opting out of wearing make-up give people free reign to judge?

A misguided 'feel good' statement

The ad that tricks women into thinking a 'beauty patch' can solve low self-esteem.

OPINION: The ad that tricks women into thinking a 'beauty patch' can solve low self-esteem.

In my beauty bag: Ding Rouyin


Which products do top models actually use? One of the stars of iD Dunedin Fashion Week fills us in...

When to throw out beauty products


The lifespan of your favourite beauty products might surprise you - and not in a good way.

'Don't risk dudeness' campaign causes uproar


There are acceptable ways of selling products to women - this is most certainly not one of them.

Kate's Royal Tour beauty bag


She always looks so polished, and here are some of the products likely to be helping her along the way ...

Why all the pregnant naked mag covers?


Isn't it wondrous enough to grow a person? Do we really have to be sexy while we do it?

Makeup: Camouflaging not hiding


People reveal the things they go to great effort to cover up, and show there's nothing wrong with a bit of camo.

Pick of the bunch

YSL nailpolish

Here are some of the beauty counter's most current and coveted offerings.

In my beauty bag: Ingrid Starnes


The top designer shares her natural beauty secrets.

Brave for wearing a crop top?


The glorious Mindy Kaling calls out how insulting saying she doesn't subscribe to beauty ideals is. Love her.

NZ's YouTube beauty stars


The glam Kiwi girls making money from their living rooms. Could you do it too?

Surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence


On the women who aim to look like other people and go to extreme lengths to do so.

In my beauty bag: Jenny-May Coffin

Jenny-May Coffin

The sport expert reveals her hair secret and shares the one beauty indulgence she can't live without.

Madonna: Still virgin on the ridiculous


Underarm bush selfies and completely bizarre skincare advertisements - all in day's work for Madonna.

Aniston's surprising make-up 'hijacker'

Jen Aniston

Someone's stealing Jennifer Aniston's beauty products - and you won't believe who it is...

An honest makeup tutorial


Finally a YouTube beauty video we can get on board with.

Kim K's dramatic makeunder


Is that the woman cast to play The Nanny in a cheap new remake? Nope. It's only one of the world's most vain people.

In my beauty bag: Ashleigh Good


She's been on the cover of Vogue, walked for Chanel and she was discovered in an Auckland bus stop!

The selfie's serious side effect


A new survey shows women are getting surgically enhanced for the sake of Instagram.

Miss America 'not American enough'

Nina Davuluri

Moments after a tiara was placed on her head, racist backlash began against beauty queen Nina Davuluri.

How to nail this season's hottest shades


You might not be ready for winter clothes, but the latest polish shades are an easy autumn accessory to try.

Guess the owner of this inner-lip ink...


In yet another 'so-cringe-worthy-you-can't-help-but-stare' moment, this celeb has shared pics of her new tat.

Stone takes 'pleasure' in sex symbol status

Sharon Stone

She may be 56, but Sharon Stone has revealed she still takes a lot of pleasure in being praised for her looks.

28 & covered in tattoos


JANEK SPEIGHT - Sydney Morning Herald

She's not even 30 and she's already spent $46,000 on body art. But will she regret it?

Lorde nabs exclusive collaboration


Not content with her reign over the music charts, Lorde is about to take the beauty world by storm.

The Hollywood craze that's not entertaining

Kim Novak

Gravity might have been the big winner on Oscars night, it appears just not for women.

Five things your skin can tell you


Ahh, the epidermis. What a strange, clever little machine it is.

Lupita's moving speech about beauty


'Every day I experienced the same disappointment of being just as dark as I had been the day before.'

In my beauty bag: Rebecca Brent

Rebecca Brent

The NZ Hairdresser of the Year talks us through going from farm girl to glam guru.

It is ok for men to have 'work' done?

Shane Warne

What's accepted practice for women remains a touchy subject for blokes. Why?

Foods that could help save your skin


Struggling with skin problems? We break down the nutrients to embrace, and those to steer clear of.

Beard transplants the latest hipster fad


Apparently if you can't quite achieve scruffy hipster facial hair, you can just pay for it... alternative indeed.

In my beauty bag: Dr Libby Weaver

Libby Weaver

The all-round nutrition expert shares her natural beauty secrets and admits to one lazy grooming habit.

Older women need to look their age

Jacky O'Shaughnessy

Let’s declare a war on anti-ageing and applaud women for being, and looking, themselves.

Surgery, wigs, tape: Red carpet secrets

Surgery, wigs, tape: Red carpet secrets

The crazy and cunning things the stars do to look their best at the Oscars.

Video: Kim K lasers her breasts

kim k

She's lost around 12 kilos, and now she's headed to the doctor's office for perfect cleavage.

A vagina shot for your Oscar loss


Oscar losers can comfort themselves with a gift bag of vagina shots (and maple syrup).

Dita Von Teese as you've never seen her

dita Von Teese

Who is that blonde, tanned woman? Could it possibly be legendary burlesque star, Dita von Teese...

Woman transforming into Barbie

Woman transforming into Barbie

Five breast augmentations later she's even getting hypnotherapy to become more 'brainless'.

Get Lorde's winning look


Lorde dazzled at the Brit Awards in a goth mirror-ball gown and vampy dark lips.

In my beauty bag: Jennifer Ward-Lealand


The busy mother of two and top actress shares her on- and off-stage beauty secrets.

Kardashian curves in Photoshop row


New magazine cover promotes "killer" Kardashian curves, but photoshops them out in pictures.

In my beauty bag: Aidee Walker

Aidee Walker

She loves natural skincare, knows the importance of a good sunscreen and hates waxes - our kind of woman.

Lorde shares acne selfie


... makes many of us feel a lot better about ourselves.

Stars go without makeup

Stars go without makeup

... and look incredibly beautiful in the process.

Beyond Botox: cosmetic trends of 2014


Facials are a thing of the past - the new year brings new ways to fight the ageing process.

In my beauty bag: Miriama Smith


The stunning actress is all about glam make-up, as long as she doesn't have to do it herself.
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