He never used to look this cool

01:50, May 16 2014

Taylor Kitsch will forever be in our hearts as Tim Riggins, the bad boy footballer with the heart of gold in Friday Night Lights, the boy in possession of the long, floppy, hanging-in-his-broody-eyes hair of your dreams.

Well, would everything be shattered if you found out that Kitsch was once in possession of white frosted tips and that really awkward middle parted hair style that all your high school boyfriends sported?

The discovery was made when Kitsch appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show last night to talk about his latest movie Normal Heart. Fallon, clearly enjoying himself brought out a photo of a teenaged Kitsch, bleached tips a-blazing.

"It was a home frost?" asks Fallon of Kitsch who is obviously a good sport.

To which Kitsch replied, that frosting his tips was part of a group activity with his buddies.

It was actually pretty endearing to see that even dreamy bad boys with a heart of gold had a frosted tips phase.

Texas (and salon cuts) forever, ya'll.

- Daily Life