What has she done to her hair?!

22:05, Jul 08 2014
What has she done to her hair?!
HER PAST LOOKS: A few years ago Stewart sported beautifully glossy brunette locks, while in May in Cannes her roots weren't quite as big an issue and her month-old dye job still had some clarity and brightness to it.
What has she done to her hair?!
IMITATING ROB? The 'oh this old' thing flop to the side is actually a very Rob Pattinson-esque move.
What has she done to her hair?!
SHE'S HAD THE CHOP: A bob that's half mousey roots, half washed out dye job. Is this soon going to be on trend? We guess it'd save us money, as we definitely wouldn't have to employ professionals to look like this.

Kristen Stewart stepped out in Paris for the Chanel Haute Couture show yesterday looking like we did at 14 after a tragic Sun-In accident that necessitated an immediate trip to Rodney Wayne and lead to a telling off (rightfully) from our mum.

The bottle promised blonde, the product delivered washed-out orange.

The gorgeous 24-year-old actress (would you look at her skin? She's all chic and 'glowy' like a BB Cream ad model) chopped her hair off an hour before the Parisian couture show, leading to a short 'do that looked like a cross between Robert Pattinson's artfully floppy locks and a bored teenage boy checkout attendant's visibly oily mop. 

But, perhaps the most jarring thing about the whole new look is the contrast between her mousy brown roots and the tangerine tips. 

The star dyed her hair a vivid orange for her role in the film American Ultra, getting the dye job at a top salon in New Orleans in April. While at Cannes Film Festival in May it was a light, bright lovely colour; but has since washed out to the hue of Sweet Chilli Doritos. 

Considering how much one has to bleach the hair to achieve said 'tangerine' hue, and how much that damages strands, there's a chance this new short 'do is a necessity rather than a choice. 

In her Twilight prime, Stewart was known for her luscious - but usually messy - brunette locks. Do you miss those? Or do you think she suits this grungy look?