Taming your mane

17:00, Jul 19 2014
Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection
LOVING IT: Moroccanoil's Heat Styling Protection guards against damage from heat-stylers.

It's easy to think of summer as the time of the year that's toughest on hair but, in reality, winter also plays havoc.

There's less humidity in the air for a start, which means the scalp can dry out and flake, and if your scalp isn't healthy your hair doesn't stand a chance. 

If an itchy, dry scalp is your lot, start by switching up your shampoo. Clairol Professional has just released a new Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, $16.90 and Serum, $24.80, infused with jojoba oil and calendula flower extract to moisturize and condition the scalp from the first application. Hair also needs protection from the elements.

A lightweight leave-in hair treatment will do the trick:  My favourite is Pureology's Strength Cure Split End Salve, $43, which nourishes damaged hair while helping to seal split ends. 

Hair oils are also a great choice, and the good ones won't make your hair greasy.  

But if you have super-fine hair it's worth grabbing a light oil like Argania Liquid Gold Hair Oil light, $34.99, and use it only on your mid lengths and ends.  


A great multi-purpose oil that adds moisture is Redken's Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine, $45.  

Davines More Inside Invisible Serum, $37 is good for getting rid of unwanted frizz, and gives hair that gorgeous 'day after' effect by slightly separating the strands and adding a subtle shine.  

To repair dehydrated hair, try Clairol Professional Deep Moisture Intensive Mask, $16.90. Massage on to damp hair and let it sit for five minutes, before rinsing thoroughly for the ultimate weekly hair treat.  

And don't forget to always protect your strands from excessive heat styling with a product like Kerastase's Nectar Thermique, $46.

I'm also loving Moroccanoil's Heat Styling Protection, $67, because it not only protects my hair from heat-stylers but also includes powerful UV filters to minimise colour fade.

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