Things just get weirder: Chest hair bikinis

02:52, Aug 15 2014
Chest hair bikinis
SILVERBACKBOY96: The thick strap option.
Chest hair bikinis
CBALL007: The D cup, full coverage option.
Chest hair bikinis
LOUISEDUFFYSHOW: The ultra halter neck.
Chest hair bikinis
CFRANK33: The sports bra.
Chest hair bikinis
STILLDRUNKPAUL: The Batman-logo bandeau.

It's not quite a 'flower beard', but dudes all over the world are getting creative with their body hair again (well, those that have body hair, at least - *blushes*).

Pictures of men shaving their chest hair into skimpy bikini tops - "both halter and strapless for easier tanning", as Time points out - have been spreading across Facebook and Instagram, alongside the hashtag #chesthairbikini. No one knows the reason, and I presume, no one really wants to ask.

According to investigative types at the Daily Mail, the hashtag dates back a few years, even though it's only just gone viral enough to warrant listicle attention.

It seems a unique French bather, enjoying the sun on the French Rivera back in 2012, was the unknowing Patient Zero of the trend. 

"Not a joke, this man had a hair bikini. Full chest of hair white in the middle. #hairbikini", wrote Instagram user gogorubio at the time (poor guy). And thus a trend was born.

Enjoy some of the... best? No, surely there's another word.

- Daily Life