The haircut you want right now

03:06, Jul 17 2012
Hair trends: The Lob
Nicole Richie
Hair trends: The Lob
Fearne Cotton
Hair trends: The Lob
Kim Cattrall
Hair trends: The Lob
Heidi Klum
Hair trends: The Lob
Charlize Theron
Hair trends: The Lob
Peaches Geldof
Hair trends: The Lob
Rose Byrne

Everybody's doing it. For the young and old, the lob (long bob) is the haircut du jour.

Whether it's curly, poker straight, blonde or brunette, models, celebrities and girls next door are rocking the look.

So why is it so popular? "It's such an easy-to-wear versatile hair style" says Ben Williams of Wellington salon Willis York.

"You still have the length to tie it up should you want, but it also sits beautifully worn out and down".

Who can wear it

"Oval face shapes can take anything, so if you have an oval face shape then this is a great cut for you", says Williams.


"The lob is also a great style for round faces as the length chisels some of the roundness off the sides of the face."

For square faces Williams recommends opting for a style that has strong shaping around the face to soften off the square jaw.

And for heart shape faces try a peekaboo fringe.

"Talk with your hairdresser about finding the right style of lob for your face" recommends Williams.

"They can tailor-make a style to suit you perfectly".

How to style it

The beauty of the lob is that it's just so easy to style. "It's so versatile" says Williams. "It's pretty much the only haircut I've been doing at the moment, everybody wants it!"

Try sexy tousled waves a la Rose Byrne or Nicole Richie by spritzing a salt spray through the hair. Let it air dry or for a bit more shape blast it with a hairdryer.

For a poker straight style protect the hair first with heat protection, before running a hot iron over your locks.

For extra volume spritz a volumising spray at the roots of the hair and blow dry with a brush before ironing the mid lengths and ends. Finish off with a smoothing serum or conditioning oil for extra shine.

And for perfect princess curls like Kim Cattrall and Peaches Geldof, protect the hair with heat protectant before sectioning it up and curling each section with hot tongs.

Allow to cool before shaking your curls loose and fixing them with a light coating of hairspray.