How to: Get wrap-around braids

03:42, Aug 15 2012
Milk maid braids
A model from the Alice McCall show
Milk maid braids
Kevin Murphy's take on the milk maid braid at the Alice McCall show
Milk maid braids
Jennifer Morrison
Milk maid braids
Willow Shields

Mary-Kate Olsen sported them in 2007 and sparked a micro trend that took over the beauty world for a few minutes.

Hairdresser Sophie Roberts has reignited the craze for around-the-head-plaits, with the ethereal folk look he created for Alice McCall's spring 2012/13 show at Australian Fashion Week.

Since then celebrities have been spotted rocking the trend, including Willow Shields and Jennifer Morrison - who juxtaposed her girly braids with a tough leather frock.
Working round the back of your head to get the wrap-around braids can be tricky, and often requires the skills of a hairdresser (or a very patient friend).

Roberts redesigned the look for McCall's catwalk show and making the look beautifully simple.

Instead of a French plait all the way round the head, it's essentially two easy plaits doubled over the top.
How to do it:
Make a perfect part down the centre of your head, working right down to the nape of the neck.
Make Pippi Longstocking plaits on either side of your head. Tie with clear elastic bands to secure. Note: Don't French plait your hair, simply start at the mid lengths.
Using a comb, carefully smooth the top and sides of your hair down and tuck behind your ears. Set the top with a light dusting of hairspray.
Now take your left plait and pull it up the left hand side of your head, and wrap it over the top of your head. Pin the end to secure. Depending on the length of your hair, should be able to pin the end of the plait behind your right ear. Now do the same on the other side. Spritz with hairspray to secure.
For a soft and romantic flyaway look, gently tug at the sides of your part to loosen a few strands of hair.