How-to: The side part up do

ON THE SIDE: Rachel Bilson shows off the new side part up do.
ON THE SIDE: Rachel Bilson shows off the new side part up do.

When it comes to celebrity style, Rachel Bilson rarely puts a beauty foot wrong. Moving on from her trademark laid-back waves and worn-in highlights, Bilson's latest party-on-one-side and business-on-the-other-looking 'do has everything, from cocktails with the girls, to your next job interview in the bag. Here's how to make it happen.

STEP 1: Prep the hair with a texturising spray before blow-drying using your hands to create natural-looking volume at the roots.

Once the hair is completely dry, use the sectioning end of a tailcomb to divide the hair into a distinct side part. If you're new to the deep part, use the arch of the brow as a guide to where the part should line up.

STEP 2: To create the style, it's best to tackle the sleek side first.

For a super-smooth finish, work a small amount of a shine-serum or spray through the roots and lengths before securing the section back into a tight ponytail above the nape of the neck. Applying the smoothing serum beforehand helps to distribute the product more evenly and is a must for taming fly-aways. 

STEP 3: Once you've got the business end of the deal down pat, it's time to take on the whimsical side.

The trick to keeping the fuller side looking soft and fluffy is to avoid overloading the hair with too much product. Start by backcombing the underside of the hair and once you're happy with the amount of texture, try raking your fingers through the ends to shake out the layers.

When it comes finishing off the style, the options are as varied as the day is long. If you're wanting to play up the structured feel of the look, you can't go wrong pulling the hair back into a sleek ponytail, or pinning the hair into a loose bun for a more relaxed feel. Then to wrap up the look, all you need to do is gently release the front layers before sealing the deal with a light mist of hairspray.

TOP TIP: If you've decided to go down the polished road with a neat bun or ponytail, try using a piece of hat-elastic to secure the hair back. Unlike a standard hair tie, the elastic will allow you to create just the right amount of tension, without taking out the volume on the right-hand side.

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